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Login to the Companisto affiliate program now. You can become a partner in the Companisto partner program both as a private person and as a trader.

As a partner of the Companisto Partner Program, you will receive an attractive commission for investments made by an investor you have recruited in the Companisto Investors Club or Companisto Angel Club. Compared to many other affiliate programs, the Companisto affiliate program not only rewards you for the initial investment, it also rewards you for all subsequent investments made by your referred investor. This allows you to generate sustainable attractive income.

Your advantages as a partner
  • Attractive commission payments
  • High Ø-investment of € 500 per investor
  • Commission of initial and subsequent investments
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As a Companisto partner, you will receive attractive advertising material which you can use directly on your website or preferred medium after activating your account.

Companisto: The Investment Platform for Startups and Growth Companies

On Companisto, registered users can use venture capital to participate in groundbreaking innovations, promising ventures, and ideas that make history. The investor receives either company shares in the startup or a fixed annual interest rate for a growth company in return for his investment. Investors also participate in a sale when financing a startup.

News from Companisto

As a Companisto partner, you are always kept informed about the new startups and growth companies available for financing on Companisto. We will regularly send you a newsletter with all important company developments, new startups on the platform, and other Companisto offers.

If you have any questions about the partner program, please feel free to contact our marketing team anytime.

Our service for you
  • Advertising material that produces conversions
  • Personal support and thorough guidance
  • Regular updates on new offers
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Please note

The acquisition of the offered securities and investments is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested assets. The expected yield is not guaranteed and may be lower. Whether it is a security or an asset investment can be seen in the description of the investment opportunity.
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If you have any questions about investing on Companisto, please contact our service team:

Toll-free phone number for investors calling from Germany:
0800 - 100 267 0

Companisto investors hotline:
+49(0)30 - 346 491 493

We are available Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

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