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Companisto Angelclub

The Companisto Angel Club is directed at affluent investors who look for professional access to equity investments in interesting start-ups and growth companies.

Investments start from
€ 25,000
individual investments from € 10,000


A society that works together on innovations

Companisto is the most active private venture capitalist in Germany and, with over 156,300 Companists, the market-leading private investor network in the D-A-CH region.

The digitally organized Angel Club is a special area for financially strong investors and business angels who want to invest 25,000 euros or more on Companisto.

Around 2,600 business angels are now investing in the equity of start-ups and growth companies. In addition to the aspect of strategic financial investment, the Companisto Angel Club also offers investors access to the founding teams and offers active participation in the development of the company

Germany's largest
Angel Club

Angel Club
€ 31,978
Average individual
€ 2M
Highest individual
Financing rounds
per quarter
€ 2M
Highest individual
€ 31,978
Average individual
Successful financing


We offer a digital solution for the entire investment process. From deal selection to exit.

Get to know other angel investors
in your region

You can zoom in on the map to see where there are Angel Club members of us.


Our network

Network with other business angels

Find out who you have invested in startups with and network digitally and at offline events. We make it easy for you to network with other angels and professional investors and exchange ideas with them about our startups.

Regular investor events

For our Angel Club members, there are regular investor events and master classes with renowned experts.

The Pitch Deck -Dos and Don'ts

with Christoph Schweizer (Head of Investment at Companisto)

The pitch deck is the central document for a company presentation. The pitch deck serves to condense the information that is relevant for an investment decision. The quality is of great importance. We explain what investors should pay particular attention to.

INVEST grant for start-up investments

with Tamo Zwinge (founder of Companisto)

With the INVEST grant, Germany has created an attractive subsidy programme for investments in start-ups. Investors are reimbursed 15% of their investment in an eligible start-up through the grant. We provide information on the requirements and how to apply.

Tax law issues in connection with start-up investments

with tax consultant Dr. Rainer Schenk

Depending on the type of investment, each investment has its own individual tax law conditions. In this event, tax advisor Dr. Rainer Schenk will give you an overview of important tax issues in connection with start-up investments.


Interviews with business angels on the topics of start-up investments & entrepreneurship


The admission requirements for the Companisto Angel Club are:

You want to invest at least €25,000 in start-ups on Companisto (individual investments from € 10,000)

You can imagine supporting start-ups with your experience

You are interested in networking with other Angels

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Please note

The acquisition of the offered securities and investments is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested assets. The expected yield is not guaranteed and may be lower. Whether it is a security or an asset investment can be seen in the description of the investment opportunity.
Contact Us
If you have any questions about investing on Companisto, please contact our service team:

Toll-free phone number for investors calling from Germany:
0800 - 100 267 0

Companisto investors hotline:
+49(0)30 - 346 491 493

We are available Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.