Equity for Growth Companies

Public or closed financing rounds between EUR 500,000 and EUR 8 million.

What is your capital requirement?

€ 500,000 € 8,000,000

Investment Platform for Companies of the Future

Companisto finances startups and growth companies in all industries with up to EUR 8 million in equity per year. The period between initial contact and investment payout usually spans only a few weeks, be it early-stage financing from EUR 500,000 or growth financing.

Only at Companisto:
Angel Club and Germany’s Largest Investor Network

Our startups gain access to the Companisto Angel Club and Germany’s largest investor network. The Angel Club consists of entrepreneurs, executives and financially strong individuals. The investment volume in closed Angel Club financing rounds starts at EUR 10,000 per Angel investor. In some cases, investors will subscribe to amounts of more than EUR 100,000.

We Invest in Your Company’s Equity in Two Stages


Equity investment in a closed Angel Club financing round.


Public financing round with registered Companists who invest in your company’s equity through an investment company.

We often syndicate with other investors

We Invest in Promising Companies Across Industries

We finance the successful companies of the future. These are companies with a scalable business model and great exit potential.

We are the partner of passionate teams that are on fire for their ideas and are prepared to fight for them even against great resistance.

Not dependent on the legal form of the company, we invest in limited liability companies (GmbH) and stock corporations (AG).

We cannot offer you financing if your company is located outside the DACH region, if your capital requirements are less than EUR 500,000 or if your business model is difficult to scale.

We can’t offer you financing if you don’t have sales, customers or a marketable product.

Your Contacts at Companisto

Christoph Schweizer Head of Investment
Christoph Schweizer has been involved in venture capital and business angel financing for over 20 years, including as a former partner at btov Partners, a leading European venture capital provider for entrepreneurial private investors.

With our 2-phase model, we offer you a unique combination of experienced private investors and the public impact of activating the largest German investor community.

Nanook Bergmann Investment Manager
Nanook joined Companisto’s investment unit at the beginning of 2019. Previously, he worked as an investment manager for the Social Chain Group AG in Berlin, which is backed by entrepreneurs and angel investors Dr. Georg Kofler (Pro7, Premiere) and Judith Williams.
Morgane Klein Investment Manager
Morgane Klein joined Companisto as an Investment Manager in early 2018. She previously worked as an analyst at Clairfield International, an international M&A advisory firm, and as a startup consultant.
Tibor Köppert Investment Trainee
Tibor Köppert analyzes possible investments for Companisto since the end of 2017. In addition, he studies business start-up and succession in evening classes and is involved in the START Berlin Student Entrepreneur Club.

Portfolio Companies:
These are Companisto Startups


Yes, Companisto charges a success-based commission of 15 percent of the investment sum for the entire processing of the financing round. In addition, there is a fixed administration fee of 0.65% p.a. on the investment sum.

Yes. Our agreements take exit cases into account from the outset. Our investors primarily want to benefit from the increase in the value of the company in the event of an exit. Like all VCs, we finance through equity investments. The sum of the investors behaves like an individual shareholder due to the pooling of voting rights. In the event of a purchase offer, Companisto organizes the coordination of the investors via the platform.

Yes. Companisto's participation agreements are optimized for follow-up financing. Around 85 percent of the companies financed on Companisto are co-financed or follow-up-financed. These companies have received capital before, during or after the financing round from a business angel, venture capital company or state investor. Our investments are recorded as equity in the balance sheet. This enables co-financing with public VC investors (also called mirroring or matching). This enables us to achieve larger financing volumes overall.

No. A company participation via Companisto acts like a single shareholder towards the company. The voting rights of the investors involved via Companisto are bundled via pooling agreements. As a platform, we organize all necessary coordination processes and are the only contact for the company. The investors are bundled and behave towards your company like a single shareholder. Thus the Cap-Table of your company remains clear.

As a platform, we have gained experience in over 100 financing rounds. Of these, only 6 companies missed the funding target. Our extensive experience enables us to assess which campaigns work on our platform. The combination of closed and open financing rounds additionally increases the performance of your financing campaign. You start the public round with a vote of confidence as our Angel investors are already on board. You can directly influence the success of your campaign through your own participation. You will be actively supported by our team of campaign managers, PR and marketing professionals.

Generally, there are legal obligations to provide information to the shareholders of a company. This is also the case with Companisto. The reports are based on industry standards in the venture capital sector. These include quarterly KPIs (sales, EBIT, gross profit) and annual financial statements. Confidentiality agreements with your Companisto investors ensure that no sensitive information reaches the public.

Our USPs

Quick Financing

Only a few weeks from contact to payment

Real Equity

Investments are recorded in the balance sheet as equity

Tailored Contracts

No costs for term sheet or participation agreements

Strong Network

Higher chances of success through targeted contacts to experts

What is your capital requirement?

€ 500,000 € 8,000,000
Please note
The acquisition of the offered securities and investments is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested assets. The expected yield is not guaranteed and may be lower. Whether it is a security or an asset investment can be seen in the description of the investment opportunity.
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We are available Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

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