Investments in Start-ups and Growth Companies

Companisto is an investment platform that enables you to invest in growth companies and start-ups online. Our minimum investment amount is €100 and no transaction fees or user account fees.



You choose in which start-up or growth company you invest.



As an investor, you will receive a share in the company's profits or fixed interest payments.



The entire investment process takes place online and requires just a few minutes of your time.

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Profit Share or Fixed Interest ?

Decide yourself whether you want to invest in a start-up and receive a share in its profits or whether you want to invest in a growth company and receive fixed interest payments.



Invest in rapidly growing start-ups for a share in the profits.

  • A share in the profits and in a potential sale of the start-up (exit proceeds)
  • The goal is to multiply the amount invested within 5-8 years
  • Risky but lucrative long-term investments
  • Lifetime profit-participation & exit-profit participation
  • €100 minimum investment

Growth Companies


Receive regular fixed interest payments from established growth companies.

  • Investments in established growth companies (venture loans)
  • Regular fixed interest payments of up to 8 % p.a.
  • Semi-annual interest payments
  • Loan period of 3-4 years
  • €100 minimum investment

Be a Successful Investor
Even without Large Amounts of Capital

Thus far, only professional investment companies have had the opportunity to invest in promising start-ups and to multiply their investment if the start-ups developed successfully.

On Companisto, everyone can invest in start-ups with a minimum investment of €100. Consequently, you do not need much capital to invest successfully, for you can also create your own investment portfolio on Companisto step by step. You can start with small investments and expand your portfolio over time, and you can invest profits from successful investments in new start-ups.

Previous Investment Performance

To date, Companisto has raised more than €22 million from over 40,000 investors during 48 investment rounds (equity crowdfunding campaigns).
On average, shares in start-ups financed through Companisto saw a 15.32 % increase in value over the last three years. The value of some shares even increased more than threefold (last updated: August 2015).



How Are Start-ups and Growth Companies Selected?

Each month, up to one hundred start-ups and growth companies apply for an equity crowdfunding campaign on Companisto. Our business analysts filter these applications, and only roughly 1 % of applicants get the chance to launch a Companisto campaign.

Companies apply for an equity
crowdfunding campaign on Companisto.
Request for documents
Companisto pre-screens companies and
requests additional documents from interesting ones.
Personal screening
Companisto meets with the team of founders
to get to know the people behind the company.
Contract negotiations
Companisto negotiates with companies
on attractive investment terms.
Equity crowdfunding campaign
The company is accepted for an
equity crowdfunding campaign on Companisto.

Investor Protection

To protect investors, Companisto has developed a safety mechanism. All start-ups marked with "crowd voting" include additional protection for investors, thus minimizing the risk. In the case of crowd voting, one third of each investor's investment is deposited in an escrow account protected against insolvency.

The investors then decide through a majority vote (weighted by shares and normally scheduled 6 months after the end of the financing campaign) whether they want to pay out the remaining third of their investment to the company or whether they want this third to be repaid to them free of charge. The investors can make this decision based on the current business development of the company, which provides them with additional financial safety.

All start-ups offering the crowd voting safety mechanism are marked with "crowd voting."

Risk Management

Investments in start-ups and growth companies can be very lucrative, but they are also risky. Generally speaking, the risk increases with the potential return. In the worst case, investors may lose their entire investment. However, investors on Companisto do not have any obligation to make further contributions to ailing companies.

The investors' shares are subordinated loans ("Nachrangdarlehen"). Such loans are shares in a business with similar characteristics as equity. If the investment object becomes insolvent, the claims of the investors – just like those of all other shareholders of the start-up or growth company – will be satisfied from the assets in the insolvency only after the claims of all other external creditors have been satisfied.

Many investors reduce their risk by splitting their total investment between several start-ups and growth companies from different industries and risk categories. In this way, investors also build up their individual investment portfolio. When investors use this strategy, their successful and less successful investments balance out.


Investments by Private Individuals

Earnings from investments in start-ups and growth companies are considered income from capital investment in Germany and are subject to an attractive tax rate.

  • Investments are taxed with 25 % capital gains tax plus German solidarity surcharge and – if applicable – church tax.*
  • Start-ups automatically withhold these taxes (only in the case of start-up investments).
  • Investors liable for tax in Germany may submit a declaration for exemption from withholding tax ("Freistellungsauftrag"; only in the case of start-up investments).
  • International investors are often able to offset their tax payments in Germany against local taxes.

* = Standard tax for German private investors. Please consult your tax adviser for details.

Investments by Companies

Companies may also invest through Companisto. In the case of joint-stock companies ("Kapitalgesellschaften"), any earnings from investments are subject to German corporate income tax ("Körperschaftsteuer") and trade tax ("Gewerbesteuer").

Thus, the capital gains tax withheld by the start-ups may be offset against corporate income tax and trade tax.

Companisto does not guarantee that the above tax information is accurate.

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investors from over 70 countries

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€1 million each month

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minimum investment

Case Studies

5 CUPS and some sugar

Seller of individual and personalized tea blends

  • Start-up investment
  • Investors received a 45 % return after only two years.


Berlin's oldest producer of handmade chocolates, founded in 1880

  • Growth company
  • Annual revenues of €4 million
  • Investors receive fixed annual interest of 8 %


Monthly surprise boxes containing high-quality delicacies from all over Europe.

  • Start-up investment
  • Increase in monthly revenues from €5,000 to €500,000 since the equity crowdfunding campaign

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The acquisition of this asset involves considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the assets used. The expected yield is not guaranteed and may turn out to be lower.
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