Celebrate with us!

We celebrate 10 years of Companisto and say Thank You

From pioneer to market leader. From silent partnership to equity model. From people who invest in start-ups to an active community. The last 10 years have shown that with courage, hard work and the support of many, great things can come from an idea. Even in challenging times, we have not given up the belief in our vision of creating an innovation society in which many people participate in innovation.

But this would not have been possible alone. For this reason, we would like to thank the courageous founders who are actively shaping the future with their innovative ideas, the Companists who are doing everything they can to support these innovations in the long term, and our families and pioneers who have believed in our vision and have not left our side even in difficult times. Thank you to all those who help us make our vision a reality every day.


The Companisto Story

Eicke Bettinga (director) and Mike Dehghan (producer) have made a documentary film about the Companisto story. The film team conducted a large number of interviews with Companists and also captured the personal impressions of the Companisto founders. The film gives a deep insight into highs and lows. It traces the path of how a new industry was launched and how crowdinvesting in Germany almost failed due to legislation.

Moving memories captured

10 Insights about Companisto

Companisto founders Tamo Zwinge and David Rhotert have been friends since primary school, so it's no surprise that they made the decision to found Companisto together - during a walk at Dresden's Christmas market.
The founding of Companisto was preceded by the joint founding of the company "partycard". The first financing was less successful because the bank did not accept the used Fiat Punto as collateral for a loan.
Commitment is everything. In 2001, the founders were able to own a large-format printer that was otherwise only available in copy shops. In their shared flat, it was running at full speed and printed party cards, which were then sent out by hand.
What's the best way to convince your first Companisto employee? Right, you buy him a cup of cocoa at Café Bilderbuch in Berlin-Schöneberg and tell him about the company's vision.
Today's CTO, Cristi Irimia, has been actively involved in shaping Companisto's IT since its beginning, much to the surprise of the founders, who communicated exclusively with another programmer and thus only learned of Cristi's existence later.
"The journey is the destination" describes the situation around the first Companisto office very well. Not only did it take over an hour to get to Lankwitz, but the journey from the office to the toilet was so long that a scooter was bought especially for the purpose.
The tension at the first live presentation of the Companisto website was great, as it was not clear until the very end whether the programmers would be ready in time. While the presentation was still in progress, we received the relieving text message "It works but only bank transfer".
Having a dog in the office was not always a certainty. To convince David to have an office dog, Tamo created a presentation especially for him, drawing on extensive material from the Federal Association of Office Dogs.
Be careful when choosing employees. An employee was hired a long time ago, but he never showed up for his first day of work. They are still waiting for him today.
The Companisto office is not only a workplace, but also a popular birthday location for the founders' children. In addition to remote-controlled cars, there are also two swings in the office.


We support the future shapers of tomorrow!


Social change starts with our children. That is why Companisto is involved in SEEd - Social Entrepreneurship Education, an educational initiative of Campus Business Box e.V.. SEEd wants to inspire schoolchildren and teachers for "social entrepreneurship" - an innovation and start-up culture that seeks solutions to social problems. This is achieved through educational programmes that foster creative potential and empower students to actively participate in shaping society. The entire SEEd programme is free of charge.


Exclusive 10th anniversary sale

Due to the great interest in the Companisto Team Hoodies, they are now available for purchase exclusively in the Companisto webshop as part of Companisto's 10th anniversary celebrations.

The hoodie was produced in a socially responsible way and is made of 85% vegan organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester. It is available in the colour majorelle blue. The retail price of 42 EUR is a factory price. Companisto will not make any profit with it.

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The acquisition of the offered securities and investments is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested assets. The expected yield is not guaranteed and may be lower. Whether it is a security or an asset investment can be seen in the description of the investment opportunity.
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