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By Markus Platzer

POET looks back on campaign highlights


Dear Companists,

We are now entering into the final stage of our campaign and would be very happy if you kept supporting us during this time. We would like to use this opportunity to summarize the campaign developments and highlights for you. A lot has happened!


As an "old economy" business, we were able to uncover an exciting niche. Our target group loves our high-quality sound, and with more than 6000 visitors to our website (who spent an average of almost 4 minutes on our site) in the past 4 months, you could say that we have made ourselves heard.


In addition to our customers, you have given us nothing but outstanding feedback as well. The unique sound quality, coupled with an exceptional design, is simply convincing and has resulted in a direct sales closure rate of more than 80%.


Over the course of the past months, we were also able to win over numerous luxury hotels. 4 star superior and 5 star hotels that offer their guests only the finest in architecture and culinary experiences have started to use our sound systems in their suites and lobbies. The award-winning design hotel Kronthaler, the Klosterbräu in Seefeld, the Hideaway in Hallstatt und the Mandala in Berlin are just some of many examples. The market potential is enormous. Some of these top hotels have even decided to install POET boutiques and to become POET resellers.


Furthermore, Neue Wiener Werkstätte, one of the leading Austrian furniture manufacturers and Kreil "Visions for you", the world's classiest distributor of home entertainment devices with its headquarters in Dornbirn near Bregenz (Austria) as well as in other hot spots, have also agreed to install POET shop-in-shop boutiques on their premises.


We also finalized a contract with American Express in Hong Kong. They will be offering poet-one in the context of their customer retention program.


These facts in figures: We generated revenues of € 50,000 in April and May, which constitutes an increase of + 180% in comparison to the same period of the previous year.


Last but not least: We have decided to take our newest baby, the baretta°stereo sound bar, down a different route and to break our previous rule of building only mono systems. So far, all sound bars in the industry have been manufactured in low-income countries and are made from plastic giving them an artificial sound; baretta, on the other hand, offers a true high end stereo sound experience and looks just as cool as our poet-one. By the way, this was a quote from the kind people at Gründerküche.de, who recently interviewed us.


We are very optimistic about the future and would like to thank all the Companists for their trust. We would be more than happy if you continued to support us in this final phase as well.


Best regards from Austria,


Markus Platzer



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