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The real work is getting started - Diversicon reaches the 500,000 Euro mark


With the successful Diversicon campaign, the first Impact Loan is off to a good start.  The Berlin-based business has reached their goal of €500,000.  We here at Companisto would like to congratulate the entire team at Diversicon and are curious to find out how things are going to move forward.



Cristin: "Dirk, the upper limit of €500,000 has been reached. How does it feel?"

Dirk Müller-Remus: "We're very thankful and moved by the support and the positive contribution of the 640 Companists! We feel that our idea has been confirmed and that society is ready to take a big step towards diversity and inclusion at the workplace. Of course we know that this can only work out if the company is able to offer an economic added value. Obviously, the Companists share this belief. We're very happy about this news and are excited about the trust the Companists put in us. Many thanks!"


Cristin: "Are you planning on a small funding celebration?"

Dirk Müller-Remus: "On Saturday, we're going to have a small workshop with autistic individuals in order to get feedback on our current Academy concept – afterwards we're surely going to have a toast to celebrate having reached this step! Nonetheless: The actual development work still lies ahead of us – both my team and I are aware of this. We're looking forward to the tasks ahead of us, and we hope to continue to open many more closed doors and convince people of our idea so that we can celebrate additional successes together with you!"


Cristin: "What are your next steps?"

Dirk: Müller-Remus: "Our focus lies on building up the Academy given that we're going to be generating our first revenue figures this year. Here, we need to define the training goals and its corresponding content. What's more, we also need to publish the exact participation criteria and open up the application process as soon as possible. Additionally, we're going to build up and extend our network and prepare the temporary work as well as our job placement efforts.  A further focus will involve finding a suitable office. In the midterm, we aim to build up diversicon with various financing pillars. In addition to private impact investing and the proceeds from our operational business, we're also going to approach public funding streams and private foundations in order secure solid and long-term financing of our enterprise."


Cristin: "What did you learn from the equity-based crowdfunding campaign with us?"

Dirk Müller-Remus: "As the first company with a social benefit on Companisto that was able to launch an equity-based crowdfunding campaign, it was a huge opportunity, and in a certain sense, an honor for us. This strengthens our conviction that, together, we can solve societal problems with a socially-minded business approach. Investment decisions can also be made according to potential social impact and not only according to maximum monetary return. That strengthens us as a business with social benefit, encourages us, and pleases us immensely. Many thanks to all our supporters!

Here, we'd also like to thank the Companisto Team for the professional execution of their campaign. We were optimally supported and closely assisted throughout the entire process.  It was a very positive experience for us!!"


Cristin: "Thank you! We also had a good time working with you!  I have one last question: If you could wish anything for the future, what would it be?"

Dirk Müller-Remus: "For us, the topic of bringing autism and work to the center of society is a big concern. However, my/our wish is that everyone becomes aware of the differences in their (working) environment so that our motto, "different is normal", hopefully one day becomes a routine part of life.

It's our firm belief that people who think differently are able to offer a measurable added value to companies, teams, and project groups. This especially applies to people on the autism spectrum and for lateral thinkers in general.  Companies that are willing to go outside of their comfort zone and make space for surprising and unknown things are at an advantage in the long run. Through innovative strength, creativity, and more success, diversicon wants to be a part of making this potential visible in businesses and society".

Cristin: "Thank you for the interview, Dirk! We wish you all the best for the future and look forward to supporting you!"


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