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By Constantinos Calios

KoRo passes on price advantage directly to customers


Dear Companists,

We are back with our second update! We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Companists who have supported us with an investment over the past few days.


Trade fair visits and price reductions

The past few days have been quite eventful and we would like to share these activities with you. To meet KoRo’s target figures of the coming fiscal years, we are focusing on strategic purchasing, i.e. the maintenance, acquisition, further development, and expansion of our supplier network for the vertical integration of our products.

In February 2018, six of us visited the trade fair Biofach in Nuremberg, where we established several contacts with farmers and producers that are interesting and important for KoRo. This has resulted in new business relationships that have allowed us not only to vertivally integrate existing products but also to add new products to our portfolio.

We reduced our product prices for these products directly by skipping retail levels in order to pass the product price advantage directly on to our customers. We remain true to our quality standards.   


KoRo - price adjustments


We have been able to reduce the prices for the following products:

13 March 2018 | Current Price Adjustments

Product Price old Price new
Organic coconut oil, 1 liter € 15,00 € 12,90
Organic almonds, 1 kg € 24,90 € 17,90
Walnuts large & extra light, 1 kg € 29,90 € 24,90
Organic red lentils, 3 kg € 13,90 € 9,90

We published a complete list of price reductions in our shop in our new section for news.


Website developments

In order to live up to our standard for transparency, wes et up a news section on our homepage. It will inform customers and interested parties about the most relevant events around KoRo. This dynamic allows for deeper insight into our daily business activities.

The new products are currently in the pipeline and are being prepared by our content team. You will find out what they are in update #3.


Many thanks and have a great day,

Kosta and our team at KoRo


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