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By Klaus Gehrmann

Alarmtab devices automatically provide Internet connectivity


Dear Companists,

Thank you for all the positive feedback we have received in recent weeks. Today, we would like to inform you about current events and Alarmtab UG’s future development perspectives.

After the global success of smartphones, people wonder what will be the next “big thing.” Experts agree that it will be IoT, the Internet of Things. They agree that IoT is among the developments with the greatest global potential.

This means that more and more products will be interconnected and communicate directly or via the Internet to carry out controlling and regulating functions.

Intelligent controls and uninterrupted radio communication are necessary for this to work.  One can currently find a wide range of competing wireless technologies on the market, most of which are marketed under the term smart home.

These are small wireless solutions for controlling light, heating thermostats, door openers, switch sockets, etc. The products are connected to the Internet via a small radio transmitter with a control center or via language assistants (Alexa, Google Home etc.). These devices are controlled via smartphone or voice command.

The radio signals are transmitted via ZigBee, Z-Wave, DECT or other protocols. As with any new technology, one or the other radio technology will assert itself in the coming years and those companies that have opted for the right one will profit from it.


What does this have to do with Alarmtab?

A lot. Compared to all other providers of smart products, Alarmtab bet on the global radio standard Bluetooth early on and developed its Bluetosec wireless technology on that foundation. The reason behind this is clear: Bluetooth is the most wide-spread radio technology in the world.

All companies developing the most important radio technologies have joined forces in interest groups to promote development. In the ZigBee wireless standard, for example, about 230 companies work together, in the Z-Wave wireless standard, there are about 600 companies. In the Bluetooth wireless standard, on the other hand, there are currently more than 34,000 companies.

Therefore, Bluetooth has a much higher development potential than other radio standards. This is reflected in the latest generation Bluetooth 5.0 LE. Here, the most important factors for radio transmission, radio range, data transmission rate, and power consumption have been significantly improved. This means that Bluetooth 5.0 LE is undisputedly ahead of all other radio standards, with up to 4 times the radio range, twice the data rate, and another 25% reduction in power usage.

By now there are rapidly increasing types of smartphones that support the Bluetooth 5.0 standard.

For this reason, Alarmtab bet on Bluetooth – a decision which is being confirmed by recent developments. While all manufacturers of other smart home products are still struggling with the usual radio range problems and the limited range of functions, Alarmtab is steadily expanding its lead.

This summer the first devices will be equipped with the new Bluetosec 5.0 radio technology. Existing customers can also use the new devices because the technology is compatible with earlier versions.

Our Bluetosec transmitter (BTS transmitter) is already so small and powerful that real smart home solutions, i.e. truly intelligent controllers, can be realized. Smart controlled objects can be set up without any problems thanks to the radio range of approx. 250m in the open air and approx. 50m in buildings.  Bluetosec 5.0 will achieve ranges of up to 1000m in the open air and up to 150m in buildings; no other radio technology can offer such performance.

Early this year, the Alarmtab UG started offering the SmarthomeTab control system, the first and only control system that works without Internet connection. The switches, transmitters, and control system work together directly for this to work. The usual detour via hubs, gateways, WiFi routers and external servers, necessary for all other smart home systems, is eliminated. This saves money and provides better data protection.

All 6 security systems are installed in the tablet control systems and can be used with no added costs. All sensors, smart home switches, and transmitters can be used with each of the 6 security systems. Thus a smart home switch can be used both with the SmarthomeTab control system and with the Alarmtab intruder alarm system or in the SmokeTab fire prevention system etc. This applies to all other sensors, too. This way, a customer can install an intelligent home control system and expand or adjust it to include intruder or fire alarm systems as needed. Only the Alarmtab UG’s Tabtechnic products offer this kind of comprehensiveness for all systems and hardware.

The customer can connect every electric device – lights, heaters, sprinklers, coffee machines, garage gates, etc. – directly with the Internet and control and direct it through the central system or remotely via smartphone. All he has to do is connect the device to a remote switch of the SmarthomeTab system. No registration, monthly subscriptions, or technical expertise is required.


What do investors get out of it?

Recognizing trends early results in truly lucrative investments. Once the masses catch on to a trend or product, it is usually too late for good opportunities to participate. Therefore, it is worthwhile to be informed about future trends early on and to make use of good opportunities. Alarmtab UG will be at the front of the “next big thing,” the Internet of Things, thanks to its decision to pursue the right radio standard and due to the technological lead we have created over the past few years.

Use your exclusive chance to participate in this technology of the future as a Companist while this campaign is still running. The future potential is gigantic – all those who recognize it and act on it early on will benefit from this trend.


With kind regards,

Alarmtab UG



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