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By Klaus Gehrmann

Integration of video surveillance into the alarmtab system


Dear Companists,

Today, we would like to inform you about our business activities during the past 4 weeks.


Increased funding goal

We reached the funding goal of EUR 500,000 within just a few weeks – once again, thank you to all Companists who have already participated. After the goal was reached we continued to receive inquiries about the possibility to still invest: It is possible to invest past the 100% mark. To show this more clearly, we decided to increase our funding goal for the campaign.  We have made additional shares available for this purpose. Take the opportunity to participate now; we know that some larger investments are being prepared. It would be a pity if the campaign closes and this opportunity has passed you by.


Conversion into a GmbH

The conversion from the UG to a GmbH was initiated as planned. The share capital was increased to EUR 25,000 and will be paid in full.


Integration of video surveillance into the Alarmtab System

The integration of the VideocamTab surveillance system into the intruder alarm system Alarmtab is complete. Customers can now make use of the professional video surveillance system with secure wireless transmission in many ways:

  • on-site with the tablet,
  • by switching directly to the video surveillance display in the intruder alarm system Alarmtab
  • or on-the-go via smartphone.


Alarmtab 1


This direct connection between intruder alarm and video surveillance is unique on the market. Naturally, our competitors also offer IP video cameras. However, their analog intruder alarm systems do not allow for the integration of video surveillance. It is only possible to merge the different security systems into one comprehensive system with digital technology.


Alarmtab 2


The advantages of digital technology can also be found in the fact that our VideocamTab is the first video surveillance system that can be controlled via smartphone. Using the smartphone, one can choose the conditions under which video recording should start.

It is common practice for video cameras to send a message to the owner using motion detection and start recording. Who uses such cameras can sadly report how often the cameras report incorrect messages and how much time is spent sitting in front of the recorder to check useless recordings. Every shadow cast by a cloud or every movement caused by the wind leads to a recording. The consequence is that owners give up after some time out of frustration and no longer take the reports seriously. These disadvantages are eliminated if the recording is intelligently controlled by a professional intruder alarm system.

Each camera has been equipped with repeater technology to increase the radio range of the cameras so that distances of up to 100 m and more can be covered between the cameras and the recorder.

All cameras were additionally equipped with audio transmission to make the recordings even more helpful. Now, not only the video images are recorded but sounds are as well.

The merging of intruder alarm and video surveillance in one system, management via intelligent smart home controlling, the repeater function for greater radio range, and the additional audio transmission make Alarmtab's VideocamTab system unique on the market.

Preparations for nationwide sales via specialist retailers and consumer electronics centers are in full swing.



Market acceptance has developed very positively since the completion of the Smoketab fire protection system. Smoketab is the only fully digital fire alarm system with a floor plan display of all sensors.  The connection to the freely configurable smart home control system allows the user to freely decide what should happen in the event of a fire:

When should the sirens start, which alarm loudspeaker should inform about the situation, who should be informed by phone call, text message, and email, which fire doors should be closed automatically, and more. The SmokeTab fire alarm system convinced in a tender for the equipment of several ministries in Burkina Faso / Africa. A few days ago, an order was placed for 10 complete fire protection systems for the government buildings there.

On 17.04.2018, the largest European trade magazine for security technology, Protector & WIK, published a report about Smoketab. You can find the article under the following link:


Sales preparations for USA and Canada

The USA and Canada are among the largest economies in the world. In order to open up these markets, a corresponding agreement was concluded with a German commercial agency in New York. Preparations for market entry are also being supported by AHP International, a Department for Community & Economic Development, Office for EU in Berlin.

A first sample delivery will be sent to New York in April, from where the major retail chains will be contacted and informed about the wide range of the 6 Alarmtab security systems.



The tti Technologietransfer und Innovationsförderung Magdeburg GmbH was commissioned to conduct an international specialist trade partner search in the most important markets – France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK – within the framework of the Enterprise-Europe-Network program. Our goal is to introduce our new technologies to the markets with strong local partners.


Alarmtab 3


Affiliate Marketing

A very important marketing tool these days is the use of professional affiliate networks. We have chosen the largest network worldwide and signed a cooperation agreement with AWIN AG.

The following information was taken from Wikipedia:

  • AWIN AG is an unlisted stock corporation that offers e-commerce and online marketing services as a global affiliate marketing network.
  • AWIN is the world's largest provider of affiliate marketing and connects advertisers and publishers worldwide in its network.  AWIN markets products and services on the Internet for over 6,000 international advertising customers and cooperates with over 100,000 active sales partners. According to its own statements, the network thus reaches end customers in over 180 countries around the world. The company's largest advertising customers in Germany include customers such as Telekom, 1&1, Opodo, Volkswagen Bank and Postbank, ASOS, and Douglas.
  • The AWIN network includes 12,000 advertisers and 100,000+ active publishers.

Preparations for the sales activities in the AWIN network are in full swing.

We will keep you updated.


With kind regards,

Alarmtab UG


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