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By Stephanie Neumann

FAQ on prelovee and book publication


Dear Companists,

First of all, we would like to welcome all our Companists to our group: Thank you for your investment and the trust you have placed in Prelovee! In the last weeks we have put a lot of passion and time into setting up our joint campaign with Companisto.



The book Live & Love Secondhand goes to print

After months of strategy development, text writing, photo shoots, image selection and editing, our book is finally going to be printed this week, so that it will be available in the bookstores in time for its publication on 31.05.2018. We are very happy!

The book costs 24.99 Euro, is published by Heel Verlag or the premium imprint "Plaza" and comprises 240 pages. It can already be pre-ordered at Amazon. Click here for the book.


FAQ - Business Model, Differentiation & Scaling

Some of you have already asked us in detail about important topics in the comment section. We would like to take this opportunity to explain to you again which problem we solve and what distinguishes us.


1. What is Prelovee

According to Forbes, Prelovee operates in a market with a size of more than USD 18 billion, which has great market potential and will increase to USD 33 billion by 2021. This billion dollar market is characterized by the fact that all articles are unique pieces. Each piece is unique and cannot be purchased in all colours, sizes and conditions. In addition, there are not only large partners in the second-hand fashion market who have all products. The extremely fragmented market is made up of thousands of small businesses, both online and offline.


Problem If you are looking for a beige Chanel bag for less than 1,500 euros, this bag could be anywhere. Also in the small unknown online shop, which is located in Lübeck.
Solution Prelovee aggregates even the smallest second-hand fashion partners on the platform and thus creates an integrated range of products.
Unique benefit
This saves the user more than 83% of his time in the search.
This saves the user up to 60% of the costs.
Prelovee delivers up to 93% more products to the user than "normal" second-hand online shops.


2. Differentiation

The market is worth billions, which will continue to grow in the coming years. Details can be found in our profile under "market".

Search engine:
One of our unique selling points is that there is still no solution or search engine like Prelovee for the second-hand fashion market. There is no platform that exclusively aggregates and presents the second-hand market in a holistic way.

In addition, we are working on the integration of the second-hand offline fashion market, which will further expand our unique selling point. Digitisation oriented towards Deliveroo and Foodora, adapted to the second-hand fashion market. Through the holistic aggregation of online and offline business, we create network effects that make us an indispensable platform for the second-hand fashion market.

We are also strengthening the "Prelovee" brand in order to clearly differentiate ourselves. We would like to differentiate ourselves from the "unbranded" comparison portals. The book is a positioning point for this.


3. Marketing & Scaling

Our marketing strategy is based on two pillars:


1. Branding for brand development and brand building

The branding clearly builds on Prelovee as a second-hand fashion designer expert. As two female founders, we have built up a company whose target groups we know well and whose core business we have loved and lived with second-hand fashion since our childhood.

Consequently, we have written the book "Live & Love Secondhand", the only book on second-hand fashion. To address the right target group directly, the book was written in collaboration with 11 social influencers. These combine a reach of 4 million followers and thus support the branding of Prelovee, at the same time as marketing the book.


2. Performance marketing for scaling

The classic marketing strategy in performance marketing covers the complete cycle of a customer journey.

Awareness - Building awareness of the product (inspiration)

  • Social media: The focus is on the female target group between 16 and 50, who spend an immense amount of time mainly in the social media channels. These are the new sources of inspiration for women today.
  • Social media ads: The costs are interesting for targeted playout in the second-hand fashion sector, as there is no competition with major players in the fashion market in the niche market for second-hand designer products.
  • Google Search Ads: Since second-hand fashion is a very search-intensive area due to its unique pieces and fragmentation, the focus in scaling is on Google search, among other things, in order to address the users directly at the root:
    • Strategy with longtail keywords for direct coverage of the best-selling products, brands and models
    • Mobile as a further focus area
    • Google Shopping: Reaches the same target group as search ads, but appeals with more visual aspects


Favorability - The interest for the product is strengthened (Favorization) & Consideration - The customer considers the purchase of the product (desire)

  • Organic social media channels keep Prelovee users informed about special or rare products. New trends and themes around second-hand fashion as well as inspiration for styles and outfits around second-hand pieces.
  • In addition, the newsletter and the Prelovee Journal provide insights and news as well as fake checks and product suggestions for specific brands or models.


Intent to Purchase - The intention to buy becomes concrete (impulse)

  • Wanted ads: The search ads already explained also address customers who start the search with the concrete intention to buy.
  • Retargeting: Retargeting is particularly important for second-hand fashion in order to take advantage of the interest already aroused and to remind the buyer of the intention to buy.
  • Remarketing: For wanted ads (RLSA) to make the curve back to the search and guarantee a 360° coverage.


Conversion - The product is purchased (implementation)


We hope to have given you an even better insight and look forward to your feedback and support. Post your questions in the comments area or directly to us via e-mail to


Friendly greetings
Stephanie Neumann


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