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By Michael Stoll

First Ride with Our Prototype


Dear Companists,

With the new cover, we are taking a large step toward bringing our collection system closer to serial production. Thanks to the waterproof prototype cover, we can now use the Range Robot System in all weather conditions, even while the range is in use.

This cover serves as a trial cover for us to carry out the necessary operational tests on site with the customer and to receive feedback from golfers, green-keepers, and operators.


The Range Robot with his new cover


This marks the start of the final phase of development for us. We expect many hours of testing on the driving ranges of our pilot customers and to gain extensive experience in continuous operation.

We now benefit from the good preparatory work with our regional partner clubs whom we contacted early on. Furthermore, the first sales for the pilot operation are now within reach.


Interview – Steven Pinter / Manager of Golfclub Rheintal

Our team is visiting the Golfclub Rheintal in Oftersheim to talk with club manager Steven Pinter about the reconstruction of his driving range and the short course. He tells us why a golf club has to keep up with the times and what he expects from an autonomous collection system.


Meadow Robotics: “How long have you been active in golfing and what led you to golf?”

S. Pinter: “I have been active in golfing for more than 30 years. My father introduced me to golf and since then I have been passionate about this sport.”


Meadow Robotics: “How long have you been manager of Golfclub Rheintal?”

S. Pinter: “I first completed my training as a golf instructor. A few years ago I completed my training as a golf manager and since 2015 I have been in charge of the Rheintal golf course.”


Meadow Robotics: “What has been your experience with the developments in golf in recent years? How are your management tasks changing?”

S. Pinter: “It's always changing. Our customers' needs have changed over the past 20 years. The demands toward the courses have increased. Young people with family and career have less and less free time. Many people withdraw from golf clubs due to their age. Fortunately, we live in a metropolitan, economically powerful area with Heidelberg and Mannheim as major cities. At Gutperle Golf Courses we don't feel the pressure yet. But the rural golf courses will feel this in the coming years. The DGV has been reporting stagnating golfer figures for some time. With rising costs in all areas, this is a calculation that cannot work out for the golf courses in the long term. It is important to prepare for this and to install the appropriate mechanisms as early as possible.”


Meadow Robotics: “You have decided to reconstruct your golf club next year. There will be a new driving range and a new short course. Why?”

S.Pinter: “The golf courses are not a rigid structure. You grow with the courses and the tasks result from the dynamics and development of the golf courses. In our case, for example, I am currently concentrating on the construction of the new office, short course and driving range. It's also nice to check out other aspects and suddenly you're a golf course architect. This makes the job varied and exciting. Nevertheless, my main task remains to manage the economic development of the golf course and to ensure that its profitability is guaranteed.”


Meadow Robotics: “How long is the planning phase for such a large-scale reconstruction?”

S. Pinter: “It took us six months to plan all the reconstructions - the office, the driving range and the short course.”


Meadow Robotics: “The new driving range is to be significantly more modern than the old one. What do you expect from the new driving range and how can the Range Robot collection system help you?”

S. Pinter: “With the new driving range short course, we hope to generate more revenue and at the same time offer our existing customers a greater service at the same price! The human vs. machine factor has long been an issue in the industry with regard to the cost-benefit factor. We have the same considerations on a small scale. I must always keep an eye on sensible savings, reliability, increased efficiency, and increased performance. At first glance, it doesn't seem particularly moral to want to replace man with a machine, but on the other hand, I am expected to take these concerns into consideration.”


Meadow Robotics: “What are the biggest hurdles as a golf club to modernize your training facility?”

S. Pinter: “I don't think the word hurdles fits. New problems arise in the course of planning and construction. However, if you are solution-oriented, you will find a way to solve the problems reasonably.”


Meadow Robotics: “The Range Robot is a completely autonomous collection system to automate any range size. How do you think the product will change everyday life on the golf courses?”

S. Pinter: “Depending on the reliability of the robots, they will simplify the work of green-keepers on the driving range. The employees' time can be used more effectively and profitably elsewhere. I also see it as a clear work relief, especially in the high season.”


Meadow Robotics: “As a startup, we are always happy to receive suggestions and tips. What would you like to impart to the three founders in conclusion?”

S. Pinter: “Never give up / don't be afraid to make mistakes / work hard! In life, you get knocked down again and again and it's not about how often you get knocked down, but how often you are willing to get up again. You learn from your mistakes and can continue to grow. Every successful entrepreneur works hard. It is the basic requirement for success. Ask successful people!

You came up with a good idea. I wish you all the best and great success!”


At this point, we would like to thank you for your time and support!

As you can see, the summer is full of challenges and exciting tasks for our Meadow Robotics team. In order to stick to our ambitious schedule, we will continue to work at full speed on the completion of our first product and on stirring up our target market at the start of sales in autumn.


Best greetings,

Your Meadow Robotics team


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