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By Albrecht Metter

AMERIA AG becomes SAP partner / End of financing round


Dear Companists and Investors,

we hope you enjoyed the Christmas holidays with your families and are now looking forward to the start of the new year 2019.

AMERIA went on with high speed until the last working day of this year. Therefore we would like to inform you briefly about the most important news and decisions.

So the most important thing first: We will end the current, very successful round of financing by the expiration of

14 January 2019

There will be no extension of the financing round.

The background to this is the successful contracts secured shortly before Christmas and the partnership with SAP, which will be confirmed by an official partner agreement in 2019.

The current shareholders of AMERIA AG do not want to sell more shares than necessary in this good business performance. At the same time, we would like to give the Companists, who still want to join us, sufficient time for outstanding investments, which in many cases have already been announced to us. In addition the following information:

► We ask all Companists who have been placed on our reservation list to make their investments by 10 January 2019 at the latest and then to confirm this to us via 

► AMERIA and Companisto will be happy to assist you at any time in the event of problems with the identification procedure.


AMERIA and SAP partnership

Ameria Partner

In December, SAP initiated the partner process for AMERIA AG, enabling the partnership to be further intensified. AMERIA becomes SAP partner in 2019. The partnership makes AMERIA even more interesting for the many large companies that rely on the ecosystem of Europe's leading software manufacturer:

► AMERIA's services, in particular the Connected Experience (CX), will be even easier to integrate into existing business processes.

► By joining forces, SAP gains new access to existing customers and adds important components to its own product portfolio.

► Following the first technical integration, AMERIA and SAP are therefore currently working at high speed on concepts for the joint go-to-market.

► Negotiations with the automotive industry are also the most advanced in this area.

However industries are constantly being added: concepts for insurance companies, consumer goods retailers, fitness companies, but also for trade fairs and events and Smart City have already been created.


Major orders in the automotive industry

The major orders in the automotive industry already announced in the latest updates are about to be completed. AMERIA technology has already helped our global partners succeed in several bidding processes. AMERIA AG will now be commissioned by the partners at the beginning of 2019.

AMERIA AG can thus look back on an extremely successful year:

► Establishment of the partnership with Accenture

► Establishment of the partnership with SAP

► Projects about these partners throughout the entire German automotive industry

► Acquisition of further major customers such as BigFM, TUI, John Deere and many more in direct sales

We assume that these customers and partners and the funds collected to date will give us sufficient drive to carry out an IPO in 2020 that is very profitable for all shareholders under good macroeconomic conditions. We will do everything in our power to achieve this major goal - we fight for it every day.

By the way: Many AMERIA employees also work over the holidays, so that we are always happy to answer your questions at as usual.

We wish you and your families a happy new year and a healthy and successful 2019!


With kind regards


Albrecht Metter

Chief Executive Officer AMERIA AG


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