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By Dr. Christian Schultz

Successful FDA listing of SmileTec brackets from 2C Dental


Dear investors,

In addition to the documents available to you for an investment, I would like to report to you today on two topics.

Topic 1- Successful FDA listing:

Our bracket has now been successfully listed with the FDA under its name SmileTec Bracket and can now be launched in the USA.

The importer is 2C Dental AG in Berlin. For deliveries, the following listing number D17819 must only be quoted with the name SmileTec and this is the only way to ensure correct import.

Topic 2- Market developments

The trends in dental technology are often set in the USA. This is due in particular to the significantly higher willingness to invest there. In addition, the USA is by far the largest dental market in the world - larger than China and Europe combined.

The market is also attractive because all companies here have a uniform legal and approval system and, at the same time, there are no or only isolated billing questions for
which, as in Germany for example, often have an inhibitory effect on innovations.

Align Technology, the company that has made modern dental splints popular for the aesthetic correction of malocclusions, has long been a monopolist in this market. Now, after the expiry of Align's key patents in 2017, Align has lost this monopoly position. The entry of cheaper imitators not only created a new dynamic, but also a significant inflow of capital into the market.
To give you an impression of the current dynamics, you will find links to information about financing rounds of Candid and Smile Direct Club here:

The following link leads to an article about the IPO of the Smile Direct Club - with financial information from the SEC registration:

But even dental companies that were not previously active in this market segment are upgrading to benefit from what is likely to be a very long-term growth trend.

Currently, however, all these providers are only able to correct minor malpositioned teeth. Dr. Friedrich Widu and I are both practicing orthodontists and are firmly convinced that therapeutic solutions targeting 80% of patients who have not been treated with Aligner therapy so far will reach a broad market. The 2CLEAR SYSTEM is the solution. We want to set the tone here and participate in the dynamics mentioned.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Christian Schultz
2C Dental AG, Chairman of the Supervisory Board


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