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In the "Get to Know Your Start-up" series, Companisto introduces the founders in an interview. Who are they, how did they come up with their idea, and what else do they do? Today, we are talking to Christian and Daniel, the founders of fotovio.


When and how did you come up with the idea for...

Christian (see photo on the right): I spontaneously had the idea for fotovio while I was on vacation. Back then, I sent a conventional postcard home, but I would have liked to be able to better express my impressions than I could in writing. I thought that it would be great if one could link a video message to the postcard and thus share one's experience with friends or family in a wonderful manner.   By means of the fotovio memory stickers, everyone may now "stick" an own video message on greeting cards and gifts. Consequently, fotovio makes articles of all kinds more emotional


Where and how did you two meet?

Daniel: We first met on XING and then had a cup of coffee together in Munich.

Christian: I was looking for a co-founder and instantly noticed Daniel's XING profile. Consequently, we met shortly afterwards in a café in Munich and came up with a rough draft of the concept very quickly. We were both sure that exciting products could be created by means of QR codes.


What did you do before you founded your start-up fotovio?

Daniel: I studied applied computer science at the Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten and worked as a freelancer in the area of web development. 

Christian: At the beginning of my career, I worked as a management consultant for many years and gained experience that was very helpful to me in founding the company.  Before I founded fotovio, I already had another start-up. Fotovio provided me with new opportunities, and since I was able to convince many people of the concept in a very short time, I knew that I wanted to implement this idea.


What thrills you the most about being an entrepreneur?

Christian: As the founder of fotovio, I can implement my own ideas and products. I absolutely enjoy acquiring new customers with my team and watching the products develop constantly.

Daniel: I am thrilled by the opportunity to develop a business concept from an idea and then implement this concept


What do you expect from the equity-based crowdfunding campaign?

Daniel (see photo on the right): Feedback by the Companists and media coverage. Also, the special thing about crowdfunding is that every single Companist may support the idea and vision behind the company and provide valuable tips and contacts. Thus, the potential of the idea is realized more effectively and spread via additional channels.

Christian: In addition, the campaign enables us to hire more employees and thus to implement products such as the B2B platform that we have been planning for a long time. Due to the crowd and our presence on the platform, we have already been able to attract investors from Brazil, Singapore, and the UK.


How can Companists concretely support you?

Daniel: Every single Companist can share our vision with friends and acquaintances and support it by making fotovio popular in social media. Moreover, Companists can participate in the further development of the platform by means of their investment.

Christian: I totally agree with that. During the campaign, we have received valuable suggestions and contacts from the Companists that opened new doors for us. The crowd helps us spread the word about fotovio in a viral manner, which enables even more people to participate in our success story.


With whom would you like to have a cup of tea?

Christian: I cannot think of a specific person. I like to be inspired by the direct exchange of ideas with other company founders. In Munich in particular, there are countless opportunities for networking that I use on a regular basis.

Daniel: I would like to meet the Github guys. I think it is fascinating how they founded their company and which influence they have had on the development of open source software projects so far.


What do you do in your (probably limited) spare time?

Daniel: To achieve a better work-life balance, I like to play the guitar and try new recipes together with my girlfriend.

Christian: My true passion is to travel and discover countries I do not know. My last vacation in Barcelona was very nice; there were nice food and many cultural highlights, and people were extremely friendly. Unfortunately, as an entrepreneur, I was not able to stay more than two days...

Is there an entrepreneur/company that serves as a model for you?

Daniel: Github is a great source of inspiration to me because it accommodates the needs of its customers and develops clear and simple software.


Tough question: Do you think people are born to be entrepreneurs or become entrepreneurs?

Daniel: I believe an entrepreneur should have certain basic skills, for instance a structured way of working, perseverance, and the right balance between optimism and realism. Ultimately, however, one becomes an entrepreneur by founding a company oneself or by participating in the foundation of a company.

Christian: I completely agree with Daniel on this. Certain strategic skills are helpful to company founders. Furthermore, external factors play an important role. This includes, for instance, people from whose experience one can learn and benefit. In particular due to the support by the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE) in Munich, we have been able to make new contacts and to orient our business concept towards success. Several business angels have invested in fotovio and served as advisors to us. Because of the honest and direct feedback of the Companists, we currently have the opportunity to use their expertise and creative ideas in order to take important steps in the further development of our start-up.


Attention! Each Companist of fotovio will receive free memory stickers from us as a thank-you! Just send us an email to until 10 April.



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