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Weissenhaus Picture Week on Companisto

Dear Companists,

A picture is worth a thousand words. However, the next highlight on Companisto is so big that it does not fit into a single picture. Thus, from today onward, we will provide you with a new picture of Weissenhaus – a paradise at the Baltic Sea – every day for an entire week.

And what is essential to a Grand Village Resort & Spa by the sea? Right, a beautiful castle!



This picture of Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa shows the small bathhouse.

Those looking for luxury and tranquility at the same time will consider the bathhouse the perfect place, for it is situated directly by the sea in a remote part of the Weissenhaus compound.



Watching a sunset above the sea while enjoying an aperitif is just one of several ways of ending the evening at Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa.

An appropriate place to do so is the boathouse of the resort – a beach restaurant with a panoramic view and delicious cuisine close to that of starred restaurants – which is only a few steps away from the sea.



Today, we are providing you with a picture of the boathouse of Weissenhaus Grand Village & Spa at dusk.

Many guests who come here are not sure what thrills them the most: the view of the 3-kilometer secluded natural beach, the bays, and the sea, or the culinary delights of the restaurant in the boathouse. Only one thing is certain: Every night here is a great experience.



Magic moments like this make Weissenhaus Grand Village & Spa so very special.

At Weissenhaus, guests find a unique natural landscape in addition to the amenities of a 5-star resort. Moreover, Weissenhaus offers an unparalleled combination of spaciousness, seclusion, and tranquility – an extraordinary experience that truly distinguishes the Grand Village from other luxury resorts.



Another building at Weissenhaus Grand Village & Spa is the "Deichkate" (cottage at the dike), which you may see from the inside here. The term "Kate" originates from Middle Low German and simply means "cottage." Weissenhaus has preserved not only the original name of the building, but also the materials that were once used to build it. The interior, on the other hand, has been extensively remodeled and now offers coziness and 5-star comfort.



Here is another picture of the "Deichkate" (cottage at the dike) and a good example of the philosophy of apparent contradictions that dominates Weissenhaus Grand Village & Spa by the sea. Weissenhaus is a historic village in the middle of nature, but with state-of-the-art infrastructure. It offers the comfort of a 5-star resort without the usual constraints of such places.



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