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Now on Companisto: Real Estate Investments with Attractive Interest Rates


Immobilienfinanzierung für Weissenhaus Grand Village & Spa am Meer

Companisto will soon become the first major equity-based crowdfunding platform to offer real estate investments. From 15 July onward, users will be able to invest in the first property.

Generally speaking, real estate is an inflation-proof investment type characterized by its stable value. An investment in this asset class thus enables investors to further diversify their portfolio on Companisto in order to spread the risk.

Investors who invest in real estate receive an attractive minimum interest rate that is paid out annually. Therefore, real estate investments are particularly interesting to those investors who still want to receive attractive annual interest payments in times of low interest rates. In addition, investors profit from increases in the property value.


First Real Estate Investment Opportunity on Companisto: Weissenhaus

The first real estate investment opportunity offered on Companisto will be the 5-star plus resort "Weissenhaus Grand Village & Spa by the sea." This resort is situated a hundred kilometers north of Hamburg directly by the Baltic Sea. It consists of 60 rooms and suites, one of the world's most modern spas, and 5 haute cuisine restaurants in 40 historic buildings, which have all been completely and luxuriously renovated in a way that preserves their historic appearance.


A First Glance of Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa by the Sea


Investment Details

Investors will receive an attractive fixed interest rate of 4 % p.a. on their investment in Weissenhaus.

Moreover, they will receive a variable interest rate that depends on the revenue and the occupancy of the entire resort. Thus, the total interest rate may exceed the fixed interest rate of 4 % p.a.

Finally, investors will also profit from increases in the property value.

Jan Henric Buettner, an internet multi-millionaire and the owner of Weissenhaus, will guarantee all investments of the Companists with his private assets. In addition, the investments will be collateralized by a land charge on the property.

From 15 July onward, users will be able to access the detailed Weissenhaus profile at Some video previews are already available here. 


Overview of the Terms of the Weissenhaus Grand Village & Spa Crowdfunding Round

Investment type                         


Subordinated profit-participating loan ("partiarisches Nachrangdarlehen")

Fixed interest rate (success-based)


4 % p.a. (paid out annually)

Variable bonus interest rate (success-based)


Depends on the revenue and the occupancy of the resort

Participation in increases in the property value


Interest payments  


Through annual bank transfers



25 % capital gains tax plus solidarity surcharge*



Property owner Jan Henric Buettner will personally guarantee all investments made via Companisto


The investment amount will be guaranteed by a land charge on the property 


 * = Standard taxation for German private investors. Please consult your tax adviser for details.


Location of Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa by the Sea


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