By Jan Henric Buettner

WEISSENHAUS Occupancy Rate Exceeds Expectations



Dear Companists and potential investors,

Roughly one month after the grand opening of WEISSENHAUS Resort & Spa by the sea and roughly a month after the start of our crowdfunding campaign, it is time to tell you what happened during these last few weeks because we have much to talk about.


WEISSENHAUS Often Booked up!

Let us begin with the most important thing: Occupancy rates have been developing very positively and have even exceeded our optimistic scenarios. Even before the opening of the entire resort, it was predictable that we would reach 100 % occupancy on many weekends. But it does not stop there: Nowadays, there is not a single free room left on many days during the week.

On the first few days since the grand opening, we reached an average occupancy of more than 70 % and have thus exceeded our expectations considerably. We also notice every day that the popularity of the resort and demand increase dramatically because of good media coverage and, most importantly, because of recommendations by our guests. This development is only just beginning, so we are very optimistic about the next weeks.

Moreover, we are going to host the first major company events shortly, for which we are going to use the conference area in the former stable in addition to that in the reeds barn. One example of such a popular event is the "M – Forum of Mobility" by www.mlove.com in September, which is going to include sponsors such as Google, Audi, Facebook, and Cisco as well as numerous top speakers from the areas of politics, business, and media. Another example is a golf event by Porsche, during which German soccer legend Uwe Seeler will play a major role among other people.
Due to the combination of a) increasing private bookings and a dramatic increase in popularity, b) the establishment as a location for exclusive company events, and c) a top gourmet and spa location (especially in the winter), we believe that we will be in a comfortable position for the next months and years.


Start of the Expansion

As the first two weeks of our crowdfunding campaign in July went very well, we have already received more than 2 million euros from the crowd and additional private investments for the expansion, which has become really urgent now that the popularity of WEISSENHAUS and the demand for rooms are steadily increasing. 



As a first step, we have authorized our architects to start planning three of the four new buildings we plan to build. These three buildings are the orangery (1), which is close to the rose and kitchen garden and will be equipped with 8 rooms and suites, and the two coach houses (2) in the southern part of the compound, which will each contain 4 family and spa suites. The costs for planning will be between approximately 5 and 10 % of the total costs, as is normal for construction projects. Furthermore, we have decided to start a little competition for architects concerning the fourth building (the lodging house (3)), and we will inform all Companists about the course and intermediate results of this competition in due time. The lodging house will contain 34 slightly smaller rooms and is intended primarily for conference guests. To us, this is an attractive business segment during the entire year, and we are not yet able to meet the demand for overnight stays in this segment.


Grand Opening

From a business perspective, the most important thing in the weeks following 1 July was of course the opening of the castle and of the spa. In a project of this magnitude, it cannot be prevented that there are some initial problems that still have to be solved – especially if one starts from scratch. Thus, we were also reminded of Murphy's Law as early as three weeks after the opening of the spa because some electric components were damaged by water. Still, we are very satisfied with the results of the construction and installation stage (and insured against such damage anyway).

The first overnight guest we welcomed in the castle was German comedy legend Otto Waalkes, who commented very positively not only on the castle and the boathouse, but – as somebody used to stages – also on the great opportunities the reeds barn and the amphitheater offer. Perhaps Otto will also appear on these stages one day – just as other celebrity guests of WEISSENHAUS, for instance Armin Mueller-Stahl, have done before him.

Moreover three additional gastronomic facilities have been opened: the "Courtier" gourmet restaurant in the castle, the "1896" bar in the vaulted cellar (see picture above), and the spa bistro in the thermal bath inside the castle. The Courtier (see picture) in particular has received very positive feedback from guests and the media. The thermal bath also keeps our promise that it would become one of the best spas in Germany – an aspect that will soon be emphasized by some planned publications in the press.
Here is what some of our thrilled guests told us during the first few weeks:
„A magnificent compound with fantastic rooms,“
„finally something like this near Hamburg,“
„WEISSENHAUS is my new Sylt.“
We were particularly happy about a guest book entry by Bela B. (of the famous German band "Die Ärzte"), who – after some days at the resort together with his family – wrote: 
„Finally found the #1.“
Moreover, we welcomed German top actors Barbara AuerAnja Kling, Heino Ferch, and Jörg Schüttauf as guests, who also starred in the two-part German TV movie "Das tote Mädchen" (the dead girl), which was filmed at and around WEISSENHAUS. Observant guests were thus able to spot many celebrities outside the boathouse as well.


Media Feedback & Expert Opinions

At the time of the grand opening and in the weeks that followed, WEISSENHAUS had very good media coverage. We particularly enjoyed statements such as these:

Handelsblatt 01 August 2014

"The rooms guests find in this resort have little in common with the oligarchic bling-bling chic offered by most five-star and five-star-superior hotels. Instead, this resort takes hospitality to a new level."



GALA 26.06.2014

"The most laid-back place by the Baltic Sea."




Manager Magazin online

"Buettner is very satisfied with the bookings so far: 'On weekends, one does not get a room here anymore. We are booked up. I haven't even gotten one myself.' He then returned to his apartment in Hamburg for the night, as he told us."  


Furthermore, the Courtier gourmet restaurant was named restaurant of the month in August by several restaurant rankings, which underlines our high standards. We have a very specific goal: The Courtier is supposed to become a starred restaurant as soon as possible. Managing director and executive chef Alexander Dehn thus also refers to the Courtier as the "culinary cutting edge" of the resort.

Consequently, we are really looking forward to the further course of the crowdfunding campaign. As always, you can reach us 24/7 by posting comments here on Companisto. You may also watch the live webcast from 06 August HERE. Let us prove together that crowdfunding has become a serious way of financing in Germany!


Best regards from WEISSENHAUS,

Jan Henric Buettner


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