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By Den Filmproduzenten

A Brief Overview of the Movie




Dear Companists,

Even though this has already been announced in a short video, we now want to officially confirm it ourselves:

On 28 April, we will launch the 1st movie crowdfunding campaign on Companisto. Now you Companists can help us bring the movie to cinemas!

Until the launch of our campaign, we will tell you more about us, our movie, our next steps, the equity-based crowdfunding model, and the idea behind our movie. The complete profile containing detailed information will be available just in time for the campaign launch.

First, we would like to provide you with an overview of the current project status. During pre-production and filming, up to 80 team members specializing in various areas were working simultaneously on our comedy movie. The movie has already been filmed and edited completely. The next step will be digital image and sound editing.  


Story Development

We completed the first step, story development up to the final screenplay, within 9 months. During this phase, the writer and the director worked primarily on character and plot development, for which the quality and sequence of gags play a major role in the case of a comedy movie.



Pre-production was the beginning of the critical phase. For this purpose, we rented a temporary office with six rooms that was constantly used by everyone involved. For our team, we selected experienced and highly motivated people from the movie business.

During this six-month phase, for instance, the actors were cast, the filming locations were selected, and the production design and costumes were created. For reasons of authenticity, we paid particular attention to selecting interesting original locations. During our search, we went to several pre-screened and fresh locations together with a team consisting of the director of photography, the director, the camera operator, the gaffer, and the sound editor in order to discover the most beautiful locations with the ideal conditions for filming.

In these locations, we worked out various scenes and camera angles together with stand-ins. In doing so, we took pictures of some initial ideas and later created a storyboard based on these ideas.


The Highlight: Filming

Afterwards, we started filming, which is certainly the most exciting part of every movie project. Our team had spent several months preparing for this moment and was well prepared to get started. Although we worked in a professional manner all the time, we still had a lot of fun behind the camera. It was also very important to us that we were able to work with state-of-art technology at all times.


Cut! – Post-Production

After filming, editing of the movie began. By now, the movie has already been edited completely, and sound and image editing will be the next steps in the post-production process. Of course, selecting the soundtrack is a major part of this process. Since we have an excellent network in both the major and the independent music industry, we will integrate exciting artists into our project and ensure that our movie will be accompanied by the perfect urban soundtrack.



In the area of marketing, we can rely on the expertise and networks of leading figures from the music, event, and communication industry. Needless to say, an equity-based crowdfunding campaign is the perfect start of a large-scale publicity campaign.

At this point, we have already done the lion's share of the work before the movie's theatrical release. We would be glad if as many Companists as possible decided to support us during the final phase of our project.

For more information and exclusive previews before the start of the crowdfunding campaign, please sign up for our newsletter here.

We will keep you posted – stay tuned!


Best regards,

Björn and Henrik of the movie team


For additional information and exclusive previews before the launch of the equity-based crowdfunding campaign, please sign up for the newsletter here.


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