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By Philipp Bode

Pablo & Paul Is Developing Very Positively




Dear Companists of Pablo & Paul,

Since our campaign launch on 15 January, 365 Companists have invested roughly 143,000 euros in Pablo & Paul. We really appreciate your confidence in our company – thank you very much! The first quarter of 2015 was full of events for us; here are some highlights.


Business Development and Partnerships

Our business is developing positively: 

  • Visits to our online shop more than doubled compared to Q4/2014.
  • Orders in our online store/store-within-a-store increased by roughly 25 % compared to Q4/2014.
  • The average order value slightly increased compared to Q4/2014.


Important New Partnerships:


  • We are present with our own profile on the leading design platforms homify and houzz, where the community of house and apartment owners may find inspiration concerning construction, furniture, and design and discover artworks by Pablo & Paul. Pablo & Paul presents exciting art projects on these platforms on a regular basis. Thus, Pablo & Paul increasingly positions itself in the area of design and follows the trend of individual interior design.
  • We will start a partnership with one of the most popular furniture and interior design platforms in Germany in late April. We will provide you with details on this partnership soon.



Rapid Growth of Our Art Portfolio

In the first quarter, we added more than 100 new artworks to our portfolio. These artworks are from all categories that exist on Pablo & Paul: paintings, mixed-media art, drawings, print, and photography.


Our Artists Are Successful

Our artists' works (for instance those by Alina Vergnano on the left; click the picture to enlarge) have been shown in several solo exhibitions around the globe. In particular, we would like to mention that our artists participated in art fairs in Paris, London, and Tokyo. Drawings by our artist Heidi Sill are currently shown in the "Gesichter" (faces) exhibition at Neues Museum Nuremberg together with works by Andy Warhol and Cindy Sherman. Nina Annabelle Märkl, a Munich-based artist with whom we started a collaboration recently, received a grant for a study visit to the renowned International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York and participated in two related exhibitions in the city.



Media Coverage

In the 1st quarter of 2015, we experienced good press coverage. In addition to an interview on Crowdstreet and an article in W&V (in February 2015), we received coverage on portals and blogs such as Yahoo, Locationinsider, InfoDigital, Für-Grü, Finanz-Geld, Aktien-Börsen, and VC Startups. Moreover, we were mentioned in the VDZ Start-up Report (whose members include 450 publishers that publish a total of 3,000 magazines combined).



Review of the 4th Pablo & Paul Vernissage

In an update by a start-up whose focus and business is art, art should play a major role. Thus, we would like to provide you with a picture and some videos of our 4th vernissage in Munich on 24 February, which featured our artists Alina Vergnano and Richard Wurm and attracted 150 visitors. We were very pleased to meet some Companists there!

During the day, Alina Vergnano designed the entrance wall in the BoConcept Brand Store. Here's a short video of the event with Alina Vergnano and of our vernissage:


Alina Vergnano at Work


Another highlight was the performance of slam poet Bumillo, who has won several awards and read poems about his view on the world of arts. Enjoy watching these videos as well:


Slam Poet Bumillo (#1): "Takeover Bid"


Bumillo (#2): "Morning Thoughts"


Best regards,

The Pablo & Paul team



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