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Interview with aescuvest's Patrick Pfeffer


At Companisto, we are always interested in new developments in the start-up scene. A crowdinvesting platform specialised in medical technology, aescuvest, will make its debut on the market shortly. Some members of the aecuvest team have become well-known entrepreneurs and crowdinvesting activists due to their work in the German crowdfunding network. Companisto recently interviewed aescuvest founder and managing director Dr. Patrick Pfeffer.




Hi Patrick! You are one of the founders of aescuvest. Would you please introduce yourself and your platform to the Companists?!?

The Hexagonauts salute the Companists! Our company was founded by six very different but like-minded specialists. We chose the Greek word for this circle with corners and edges.

The aescuvest portal brings people together that, in real life, would probably never meet. On the one hand, we have the idealist inventors, and on the other, the financially sound investors. Both parties - inventors and investors - are brave and resolute optimists that believe in great ideas and financial success. We at aescuvest ensure that the presented projects are provided with a solid foundation, a serious environment and promising prospects.

My degree in bioinformatics, my international experience and my personal aspirations were the reason I decided to make the collected know-how usable in a new and modern form.

Numerous crowdinvesting platforms have specialised in specific areas. Why did you choose medical technology?

We like to work in areas that others have given up on. We are precisely the experts that you can trust to successfully launch this type of project in the extremely complex world of medical technology and its challenging health market. Also, we would hardly have received solid financing in any other conventional setting.

In addition, substantiated KPIs prove that there will soon be a boom in the health sector. Medical products, digital developments and innovative services will soon dominate those markets geared to a changed health awareness, a progressively ageing population and a refined need for security at all ages.


Your team members Torsten Schreiber and Jörg Diehl are experienced crowdinvestors and are very well known in the crowdinvesting scene thanks to their commitment to the German crowdfunding network. Was there a specific reason or event that pushed them towards setting up an own platform?

The only reason I can think of is my incredibly charming attempt to woo them. At least that's what I hope they are saying :-) I kid! It is precisely their experience that validates the aescuvest focus. Instead of investing energy and (own) money into any old idea, or even into not quite so serious ideas, they must have really liked the sustainable support that start-ups receive in our sector. It goes without saying that their knowledge is a great asset to the development of our platform. We work by the adage: "Show me the mistakes I have made!"


One of the Companisto start-ups, EBS, is also a medical technology start-up. It has been on the market since 2007. Despite immense progress, medical technology remains incredibly capital-intensive. Will you be presenting mainly very young companies or companies that have been around for a while on aescuvest?

We are beginning to realise that numerous requests will need to be filtered by our academic advisory council in order to find out what is feasible and what isn't. We are thrilled by the number of diverse characters that we have found behind the concepts. Quirky engineers, practising doctors, out-of-this-world hedonists as well as confessed entrepreneurs and dignified mid-sized companies want to use our platform. Wow! I had no idea how much potential people were just carrying around with themselves. We have decided to wait and see how the first campaigns pan out so that we can determine what type of company appeals to the investors.


Patrick, thank you very much for your insights and good luck with your launch!


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