Mental strength - How we can deal with challenges.

Marc Zwiebler, Moderator: David Rhotert

Tuesday, 21 June 2022
18:00 - 19:00 CEST

Participants: 61

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About the event

Mental strength leads to a healthier approach to ourselves and others. And to success, especially when it counts.

Mental and emotional strength are key factors for success - and not only in professional sport. Because mental strength means being able to fully exploit one's performance spectrum - regardless of all adversities and disturbances. And this ability plays a decisive role in today's world of work and life, which is characterised by a fast pace of life, digitalisation, numerous demands and constant change.

Marc Zwiebler is a 3-time Olympic participant, German record champion and European badminton champion. As a former professional athlete, he has dealt intensively with his mental health.

At the age of 21, this was of particular importance - his career was about to come to an end because he was suddenly in a wheelchair. It was his mental strength that made it possible for him to play badminton again.

"I later became European champion & 3-time Olympic participant in badminton only because I changed my mental attitude. That still helps me today as a founder," Marc Zwiebler.

Together with Bodo Brockdorff, Marc Zwiebler founded the start-up Kurabu ( With its business model, Kurabu responds to people's growing need for digital products and mobile networking and brings them to the world of associations.


Strategie und Marketing bei Kurabu wird verantwortet von Marc Zwiebler, ehemaliger 3-facher Olympia-Teilnehmer, Deutscher Rekordmeister und Badminton Europameister, der durch seinen langjährigen Austausch mit Amateur- und Profisportlern sowie seine Tätigkeit als Funktionär diverser Sportverbände wie der Deutschen Sporthilfe in der Vereinswelt bestens vernetzt ist.

Moderator David Rhotert ist Gründer von Companisto. Sein erstes Startup gründete er gemeinsam mit Tamo Zwinge im Jahr 2002 in Berlin bevor er sich als Rechtsanwalt auf die Beratung von Startups spezialisierte. In zwei Jahrzehnten hat er sich ein starkes Netzwerk in der Gründerszene aufgebaut. Sein Herz schlägt für die Innovationsgesellschaft. „Je mehr Menschen aus der Gesellschaft Teil von Innovation & Unternehmertum werden, desto mehr gesellschaftlich relevante Probleme werden wir gemeinsam lösen.“

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