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AMERIA | Overview

Ameria has developed award-winning technology for interactive and gesture-controlled shop windows.
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ameria is an established technology company and generated annual revenues of €2.2 million in 2015 through global clients such as LEGO, Microsoft, and Telefónica. The company's new product, the Virtual Promoter, is an interactive and gesture-controlled shop window that will revolutionize people's shopping experience around the globe.



Crowd Voting

ameria is the first start-up on Companisto to offer its Companists a special safety net, crowd voting, thus reducing the risk for Companists and strengthening their role as investors.

ameria will receive 2/3 of the investments immediately after the campaign. The last third will be deposited in an escrow account protected against insolvency, and it will not be paid out before the Companists have agreed to the payout by means of a majority decision (weighted according to investment amounts).

The vote is scheduled to start 6 months after the end of the crowdfunding campaign. At the request of ameria, the vote may also take place earlier than that. If the Companists do not agree to the payout, the remaining third will be repaid to them free of charge.

It is up to the Companists to decide whether the remaining third will be paid out to ameria, which will increase the Companists' share, or whether the remaining third will be repaid to the Companists, thus causing their share to remain 2/3 of the total investment. To help the Companists make an informed decision, ameria will report on its business development in an investor update.

We at ameria have deliberately decided to offer crowd voting. We are convinced that we will achieve a successful market launch of our technology, and we want you to judge us by the success of our work. Therefore, we believe crowd voting is a great idea and will increase our investors‘ confidence in ameria.



ameria was founded by Albrecht Metter in Heidelberg and has been developing marketing and sales software from day one. Based on our first projects for clients, we developed highly profitable software products that we have been operating and improving for our existing clients ever since. While doing so, our goal has been to provide our clients with state-of-the-art technology at all times.

Because of the many years of experience we gained within the market, we noticed two important things in 2013: First, despite growing revenues in e-commerce, the vast majority of future sales will still take place in brick-and-mortar stores. Second, retailers will remain successful only if they focus on digitization.


Worldwide Revenues


These two things combined inspired us to develop our most important product: the Virtual Promoter – a vivid and interactive shop window. Why a shop window? Shop windows are the faces of brick-and-mortar stores and their most expensive area. When the first shop windows appeared, they attracted attention like magnets, and they later became the center of a popular pastime as people started going window shopping. Since then, not much has happened, and shop windows have hardly seen any innovation. Indeed, static decoration is still dominant in shop windows. Consequently, a state-of-the-art and future-oriented digital solution is necessary today.

Retailers have been facing the same challenge for a long time: They need to attract people's attention to make these people come to their stores. A higher frequency of visitors in stores leads to an increase in sales. ameria has accepted this challenge and developed Virtual Promoter – a vivid shop window with constantly changing content that demonstrably leads to significant attention, a higher frequency of visitors, and a sharp increase in revenues for retailers. Through Virtual Promoter, we want to support international retailers and manufacturers that are constantly looking for new ways of presenting their products in meeting their main target: an increase in sales.


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To keep expanding internationally outside Germany and Europe, we need you, the Companists.

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