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AMERIA 2 | Team

Albrecht Metter
Managing Director, Founder

In 2001, Albrecht founded AMERIA GmbH while pursuing his degree in economics in Heidelberg. As a founder, he's able to strike a healthy balance between risk and pragmatism. This balance is what allowed him to build up his software project business with many international companies.

With this skillset, he was able to create an internationally active software and technology company and team, which made developing Virtual Promoter as well as other digital solutions possible. The driving force behind this innovation and development was and still is his understanding for the challenges that customers face. What's more, he has the special ability to create real projects from ideas and real products from these projects.

Regarding AMERIA's Virtual Promoter and other solutions, Albrecht is especially fascinated by the virtual reality-related aspects of these products. He enjoys watching the surprise and joy in people when they discover the interactive display window. This device allows retailers and brand manufacturers to increase their sales and also make a valuable contribution to storefronts that helps reinvigorate the cityscape.

Christian Enßlen
Director & Head of Marketing, Shareholder

Christian is in charge of AMERIA's marketing efforts. During his studies, he dedicated much of his time to new media. In addition to classic web design, he also spent time working at, a video streaming portal. Here, his high-quality work resulted in him receiving a nomination for the Grimme Online Award and many additional other awards, including the Lead Award Bronze.

Near the end of his studies, he began working at AMERIA GmbH as an intern and quickly worked his way up to the position of project manager. Christian was in charge of creating marketing and sales software as well as implementing the marketing campaigns. Under his leadership, complex software products were developed for pharmaceutical as well as consumer goods industries. For example, a globally implemented management tool for promotion teams was created.

Products that link technology, design, and interaction have always fascinated Christian. Virtual Promoter and other solutions from AMERIA constitute the next steps to him: AMERIA develops innovative media products with completely new design possibilities, just as was done when the radio, television, or internet came about.

Géraldine Metter
Head of HR, Shareholder

Géraldine joined the AMERIA team in 2016 and is in charge of human resources management. In mid-2015, she jumped at the opportunity to become a shareholder of AMERIA. Since finishing her business administration degree, she's gained experience with two international companies in the software and mechanical engineering sectors. Furthermore, she also worked as an HR consultant and manager for a medium-sized company partnered with Microsoft.

Thanks to these experiences, she knows exactly what type of organizational structure a growing company needs in order to maintain a high performance output. Here, what counts most is to maintain AMERIA's unique company culture of innovation and passion during phases of high growth.

Above all else, Géraldine enjoys the relaxed atmosphere at AMERIA. This is characterized by collective efforts to pursue a common goal, short communication channels, and flat hierarchies. From the very beginning, she became interested in being part of an exceptional team, which passionately works towards the success of innovative products, like Virtual Promoter.

Nico Konrad
Head of Finance

Nico is responsible for communicating with investors and other providers of capital. It was his idea to opt for the exciting route of equity-based crowdfunding. What's more, he's also in charge of the areas of financing and controlling at AMERIA.

After completing his dual degree in business administration at the University of Mannheim and the Business School ICN in France (M.S.), he worked at various M&A consulting firms in Frankfurt, London, and Munich. Most recently, he worked as the director of numerous international projects in one of the world's largest independent consulting firms. Here, he specialized in company sales and acquisitions as well as corporate finance services with a focus on start-ups and small and medium sized businesses. In addition to his position at AMERIA GmbH, he works as a university instructor in the areas of corporate financing, banking, and controlling.

Born in AMERIA's home city, Nico has been interested in innovative technological ideas and business models since his studies. The chance to actively take part in building up a young company played a deciding factor in his decision to join AMERIA.

Dr. rer. nat. Marcus Götz
Head of Emerging Technologies and Innovation

Marcus has been at AMERIA since the end of 2013. He's responsible for developing and implementing new technologies. After completing his computer science degree at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and finishing his Ph.D. in the same subject at the University of Heidelberg, he gained his first professional experience in IT consulting at a mid-sized company. Here, he worked as an innovation consultant.

At AMERIA he started out as a project manager before quickly assuming responsibility for the area of "innovation". Together with his team, he's constantly on the lookout for new ideas and is busy developing new solutions from these. To this end, the tight contact to AMERIA's customers helps him. At the same time, Marcus also supervises many different research projects with both industry as well as scientific partners.

As the son of a computer science entrepreneur, Marcus came into contact with the digital world at an early age and began writing his first program at age 12. Since then, he hasn't looked back and has continued to pursue his passion for all things digital. Working with exciting technologies and the chance to directly implement solutions for customers is what excited him most about AMERIA.

Dr. phil. Johannes Tröger
Head of Sales & Chief Evangelist

As head of sales & chief evangelist, Johannes is the global ambassador of point of sale digitalization. His job entails finding other evangelists that are passionate about Virtual Promoter. By implementing the concept of Apple as well as other successful American IT companies, customers can become fans. As head of sales, he's busy attending trade fairs, conventions, and events and also visiting international partners and companies from many different economic sectors.

Johannes joined AMERIA in 2014. Prior to this, he studied history and worked as a lecturer at the University of Bonn for many years. Since 2011, he's also been advising AMERIA's conceptual development. Having a background outside of the IT sector, he's able to reframe tasks and projects and always offer new perspectives. Johannes is responsible for our sales system, which has made Virtual Promoter and other products so successful over a short period of time. His many years of experience abroad offer the right basis for planning and implementing our global sales strategy and continuing the expansion of our international network of partners.

Johannes is fascinated by AMERIA's digital solutions that connect old and new, analog and digital. The excitement on the part of the customers and partners motivates him as does his goal to modernize traditional retail outlets with Virtual Promoter.

Michael Huhn
Head of Product Development

Michael's been at AMERIA since 2011. He started out as a project manager before taking on the responsibility for product development in 2014. With his strong technical focus, experience, and enthusiasm, Michael is responsible for continuing the development of our hardware, software, and developing new products.

After finishing his studies in media and information technology, Michael began his career by working as a developer and consultant with a focus on Microsoft technologies. During this time, he advised large European companies on how to develop sustainable structures for their IT architecture.

With his team, he's been pushing forward the development of our flagship product, Virtual Promoter, since 2014. His passion for Virtual Promoter and other AMERIA products is strengthened through the combination of different worlds and technologies. Developing products that are oriented to the needs and wishes of customers presents an exciting challenge to Michael and his team. The reward for all of this is the success they experience.


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