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AMG Sicherheitstechnik | Overview

AMG Sicherheitstechnik, a company with 12 years of experience in development, production, and sales, launched the world’s first burglar chasing system Alarmtab in August 2016.
AMG Sicherheitstechnik Pitch Video
Pitch Video

AMG Sicherheitstechnik, a company with 12 years of experience in counseling and sales and over 50,000 clients worldwide, has launched a novel product after three years of development: Alarmtab, the world’s first burglar chasing system. Nationwide sales in Germany started in August 2016. With the Companists’ help, we plan to launch global sales in 2017.

Dear Companists,

We are pleased to provide you with our pitch deck, which summarizes AMG Sicherheitstechnik´s business model and strategy and illustrates our company’s potential.

As always, you can find all information on us, our team, and AMG Sicherheitstechnik in our company profile.

 Your team of AMG Sicherheitstechnik

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AMG Sicherheitstechnik - Key Investment Facts


The AMG Sicherheitstechnik Venture Loan

An established company in the area of security technology and intrusion detection systems, AMG Sicherheitstechnik plans to finance its expansion and international sales of its newly developed burglar chasing system Alarmtab through a venture loan. Because of our constant revenues and our potential for growth, we qualify for a venture loan and may offer investors a very attractive interest rate.

During its 12 years of industry experience, AMG Sicherheitstechnik has seen constant revenue growth. Last year (2015), our company's total gross revenues since its foundation exceeded EUR 14m. We now want to expand internationally with our novel products and to create the structures necessary for this expansion.

To raise funds for our company's growth, we are offering a venture loan (a subordinated loan with a fixed interest rate). The venture loan is granted for a 4-year period and bears a fixed annual interest of 8 %. Interest will be paid out semi-annually. At the end of the loan period, the loan will be repaid in full (bullet loan).


AMG Sicherheitstechnik - Venture Loan


For more than ten years, the number of burglaries in Germany has been rising sharply. In 2015, the number reached a new record high and rose by 9.9 % compared to the previous year. At the same time, approx. 85 % of burglary cases are never solved.

Alarm systems and video surveillance are meant to protect households from burglary. Each year, global security technology sales exceed a value of approx. EUR 80bn. But can the devices sold provide people with the protection they need so urgently? We have asked ourselves this question and many others. For instance, what good is it if homeowners receive a message that their alarm system has been triggered while on vacation or while out shopping?

And what difference does it make to people if they can watch a video of a masked burglar currently ransacking their apartment on their smartphone? In fact, homeowners are often too far away to stop burglars, and the police or security guards often arrive at the site too late. When any of the above people arrive, the burglars are long gone with the stolen goods. With the above questions in mind, we started rethinking the entire concept of intrusion detection systems in 2013 – a concept that had been almost the same since 1853.

We soon noticed that such systems should focus not on reporting burglaries – a concept that is largely pointless, as annual crime statistics prove – but on solving burglary cases. Our new and multiple-award-winning technology Alarmtab can finally offer this feature to users. Therefore, in September 2016, the Security trade fair in Germany chose our solution as one of the six most important novelties from over 1,000 exhibitors from 40 countries and introduced it to the international press.

AMG Sicherheitstechnik has been active on the market for 12 years and is offering a wide range of products related to security technology. We have developed and produced over 80 % of these products ourselves, and we add newly developed products to our range every year.

At AMG, clients can find a large number of client-oriented and exclusive security solutions centering on the issue of burglary protection and surveillance for households, vehicles, construction sites, and businesses. Moreover, AMG has the largest range of sensors for alarm and hazard alert systems of all European manufacturers. Because of this strong client and innovation strategy, the jury of the German SME summit named AMG one of the top 100 most innovative companies in Germany in 2016.

In addition, AMG has received an excellent A+ innovation rating from Prof. Nikolaus Franke of Vienna University of Economics and Business, who is also the scientific director of TOP 100.

Alarmtab is the world's first burglar chasing system available on the market. This new system starts where traditional intrusion detection systems stop. Indeed, in addition to reporting a burglary through a phone call, a text message, an email, and an app, the Alarmtab system sends unmasked photos of burglars, voice recordings, and the burglar's address to a secure server in Germany. The system receives these data through a type of "decoy" in the form of a tablet computer and transmits them to the owner's email address and to the server mentioned above through a Wi-Fi or UMTS connection. Statistics show that tablet computers are highly attractive objects that are also easy to steal. In fact, they are one of the technical devices stolen most often during residential burglaries. Our clients can use the evidence mentioned above when contacting the police, which in turn can solve the burglary case quickly then.

For a detailed description of the way in which Alarmtab works, please see our AMG online shop.

AMG sells its products through online shops and retailers. For online sales, we use eBay and Amazon in addition to our own online shop. At eBay, AMG is a Gold PowerSeller and the eBay member with the highest revenues worldwide in the area of security technology. Thus far, we have handled 23,672 orders on eBay with a total volume of EUR 3.64m.


AMG Sicherheitstechnik - Customer reviews


Client satisfaction is highly important to us, so we have already received significantly more than 25,000 client reviews with a 99.9 % satisfaction rate through various portals.

We generate our company's revenues through direct sales to end clients, that is, to private households, SMEs, and public authorities. Moreover, we sell our products to independent retailers, most of which are located in Germany and Austria. Having introduced Alarmtab to the market, we now have an exclusive product that retailers worldwide may offer to their clients, that is, to existing and new clients alike. To meet this great international market potential, we will focus only partly on direct sales to end clients in the future and, instead, increase our focus on sales to retailers and on sales partnerships with retailers in other countries. This retail strategy will help us generate significantly higher revenues than we would through end-client sales.

AMG Sicherheitstechnik develops and produces security technology while focusing entirely on meeting clients' requirements. The company's latest development is Alarmtab, a new technology that represents a paradigm shift in hazard detection systems, which have been used for 150 years. Our system no longer focuses solely on reporting burglaries, as all other alarm systems around the globe still do, but on solving burglary cases. A message about a burglary currently taking place does not help anyone; in fact, a normal burglary takes only 3-4 minutes, whereas it takes at least 10 minutes for help to get to the site. This is a problem that technology needs to solve, because most people – no matter how fast they get to the site – will not be able to do so.

Alarmtab is the world's first entirely digital alarm system. It is also the first such system that enables communication between alarm sensors and tablet computers. Rather than the typical wireless alarm frequencies of 433 MHz and 868 MHz, our system uses an improved Bluetooth 4.0 low energy interface. This interface has a reach of approx. 250 m in the open and of approx. 50 m in buildings. Each sensor can also act as a repeater (for signals), so an unlimited reach is technically possible. Our team of developers has purposely chosen a tablet computer as the system's central device because tablets are popular devices stolen during 85 % of burglaries. Moreover, tablets include the necessary sensors, such as a camera, a microphone, and a GPS module.

Through fast decision-making processes, a great ability to innovate, and fast implementation in our production department, we can keep development costs relatively low and offer new solutions on the market fast. Therefore, we are offering clients and retailers many solutions that they can purchase only from AMG.

We have protected Alarmtab (and many of our other products) against imitators in many ways. Indeed, Alarmtab is protected through 1 patent, 3 patent applications in progress, 2 registered trademarks, 1 design patent, and 1 international domain. In addition, our hardware (i.e., both the system's central device and its transmitters) are copy-protected, and we follow a comprehensive support and pricing strategy that makes it largely unattractive to competitors to copy the Alarmtab technology.

We have programmed the entire software ourselves and have protected it against copying.

AMG has a global client base of over 50,000 people from the past 12 years of operations and attracts between 400 and 600 new clients each month. In Germany, AMG has steady business relationships with roughly 650 retailers.


AMG Sicherheitstechnik - Overview of our customers


In the coming months, we will train our existing retailers and deepen the international relationships we started at the Security trade fair in Essen.

Simultaneously, we will keep adding products to our shops for end clients, retailers, and wholesalers in order to establish Alarmtab as one of the most attractive security technologies on the market.

Thus far, we have received more than 25,000 client reviews with a 99.9 % satisfaction rate through various online portals (e.g., Trusted Shops,,, eBay, and Amazon).

Our target group consists of private individuals (approx. 50%), SMEs, and public authorities (approx. 50%).

Each year, an estimated EUR 33 billion is invested in intrusion detection systems and video surveillance technology worldwide. Alarmtab combines all the existing technologies in a single system: intrusion detection, burglar chasing, video surveillance, and smart home control.

Up to now, AMG Sicherheitstechnik has reached the following milestones:

  1. We have been successfully running our business with roughly EUR 2m in annual revenues and 25 employees for many years. Moreover, we have another five employees each at our production facility in Poland and at our workshop in Asia.
  2. We have completed development of our latest product, Alarmtab, and have produced the first small batches and delivered them to retailers and clients.
  3. At the moment, we are developing video surveillance and smart home features for Alarmtab.
  4. We have also trained the first 20 retailers in Germany and have added Alarmtab products to the AMG online shop.
  5. The specialized press (Spiegel, Discover Germany, TURN ON, Pro Security, Initiative Mittelstand, and MDR Sachsen-Anhalt), clients, and retailers alike have expressed extraordinarily high interest in buying or selling Alarmtab, and we will deal with the international requests within the next few months.
  6. While we are focusing on Alarmtab, our day-to-day operations will continue as before. We do, however, expect that we will have to hire additional staff for our retailer relations department if we want to provide a growing number of retailers with our new product.
  7. Furthermore, we will launch the following new products until the end of this year (independent of Alarmtab):
    •  AMGoCam, the first 4-8 channel video surveillance system with a German server
    • AMGoTrack, the first long-term tracker with a server in Germany that works for one year with a single battery charge and constantly transmits its current position upon request
    • AMGoSnap, the first photo trap that transmits images to a German server and enables clients to access their photo trap's images on the Internet at any time
    • AMGoSmart FA-06, the first vehicle alarm system that monitors an entire vehicle – including notification through phone calls and text messages and transmission of the thief's picture – without requiring any sensors to be integrated into the vehicle

Investment Level 1 (from EUR 100,000):

  • EUR 100,000: creation of Alarmtab stock


Investment Level 2 (up to EUR 300,000):

  • EUR 150,000: further increase in stock
  • EUR 50,000: nationwide retailer training in Germany


Investment Level 3 (up to EUR 500,000):

  • EUR 100,000: marketing, trade fairs, PR activities
  • EUR 50,000: integration of video surveillance into Alarmtab
  • EUR 50,000: integration of smart home control into Alarmtab


Investment Level 4 (up to EUR 800,000):

  • EUR 200,000: further increase in stock to handle large orders
  • EUR 100,000: capital reserve for unexpected events and acquisition/training of international retailers

In addition to providing us with capital, Companists can also support us actively in many ways. You can, for instance, test our products and help us improve them, for there is always room for improvement. You can also tell your friends and acquaintances about our current financing campaign on Companisto and about our products. And remember that all households may become the target of a burglary at any time, so getting sufficient protection in time really makes sense.

If you are interested in collaborating with us as a retailer or installation company (on a part-time or full-time basis), feel free to contact us.

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