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ASE's fully automated system records whole trains and trucks during continuous operation and saves companies error-prone manual controls.
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The ASE system scans passing trains and trucks with fully automated "video gates" and saves companies time-consuming and error-prone manual checks. Using high resolution video cameras and an intelligent software we enable the fully automated recording of wagon and container numbers, vehicle registrations, hazardous goods identifiers and much more. The recorded data is then effortlessly integrated with the operating systems and databases of the end customers via interfaces. ASE already has numerous renown customers from the railway and industry sectors, such as Deutsche Bahn, Siemens and BASF.

ASE - Key Investment Facts


"We have our finger on the pulse of the flow of goods " (Eric Steck, CEO)

ASE has developed a system for scanning whole trains and trucks with high resolution cameras.

Many millions of goods are transported and stored globally every day. They are usually transported in containers that are loaded onto trains and trucks. These containers are reloaded and transported further several times in harbors and large container stations. Given the sheer volume of containers, it is impossible to manually record where which container is located at the moment in real time.

However, exactly this information is necessary for the modern industry, as it often produces "just in time", i.e. the goods and raw materials to be processed arrive exactly at the time when they are further processed, without having to be stored over long periods of time. Therefore, the industry must rely on knowing where which goods and which containers are located at any given time.

This currently takes place through pure manual recording (often using a clipboard and pen). Wagon numbers, hazardous goods numbers, vehicle registrations etc. are written down by a person when the vehicle is stationary at a station or harbor. To do so, it is often necessary to walk along the entire train or truck and record all numbers individually.

This is time-consuming (just a single train can consist of 40 wagons and be more than 800 meters long) and error-prone, because any incorrect digit can result in the wagons not being identified correctly.

The data are then manually entered into computer systems, which leads to further delays and errors. For the modern industry these delays and errors are a major problem for their "just in time" planning.




ASE has fully automated the recording of trains and trucks with its system. Video gates with high resolution cameras, which are placed at the entrance and exit of a station or loading terminal, were developed for this purpose. While the arriving and departing trains and trucks pass through the video gate, all of their wagons and containers are automatically scanned with the high resolution cameras, thus recording the wagon numbers, hazardous goods numbers, vehicle registrations etc. in realtime. All information is digitally available to the respective terminal operator or dispatcher of the goods immediately.

Moreover, the condition of wagons, containers or trucks is simultaneously recorded visually. Thus, replacements can be procured immediately if damage is present. Image or video data are also available as evidence for claim settlements.

In addition to industrial companies and harbor operators such as Hafen Hamburg, ASE customers also include Deutsche Bahn, the Austrian Federal Railways and the Swiss Federal Railways. In 2016, the annual turnover of ASE was approx. Euro 1.3m. In 2017, ASE is likely to achieve a turnover of more than Euro 2m.

The Business Angel of the year 2016, Dr. Tobias Engelhardt, who is also involved in the Companisto-funded start-up "Copaltec", has contributed to ASE with a high six digit sum.

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