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This investment carries considerable risks and may lead to a loss of the entire assets invested. Projected returns cannot be guaranteed and may be lower than expected.

BE Food AG – StadtFarm | Overview

Professional growth for "StadtFarm" from a single source - from engineering to sales support.
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The first is in Berlin - many are to follow: Over the next few years, StadtFarms (city farms) will be set up to produce sustainable fish and vegetables. To achieve this professional scaling, our team must grow - so that cities throughout Germany will soon be able to indulge with a clear conscience.

BE Food - Key Investment Facts


The market for locally produced food is growing continuously - the future concept for large cities is urban farming.

This is because global food production faces considerable challenges:  

  • A growing population increases the demand for food.
  • More than half of the world's population no longer lives in rural areas but in urban areas.
  • Ecological responsibility with regard to greenhouse gas emissions, soil damage, and agricultural practices is increasing.
  • and much more.


In order to meet these challenges and produce food locally and sustainably in urban areas, we developed our AquaTerraPonik technology - a locally scalable closed loop system for the production of fish, vegetables, and tropical fruits.

Based on this technology, our first commercial StadtFarm (city farm) for the urban production of 50 tons of fish and 30 tons of vegetables per year was launched as an initial pilot project in 2017.

This first StadtFarm will generate sales of EUR 300,000 in 2018 and EUR 500,000 annually from 2019 onwards.


BE Food - Vision


Since then, we have received dozens of requests from potential partners from all over the world to implement our StadtFarm concept.

In order to meet this demand, we now want to grow in a decentralized way through joint ventures with partners.

The respective local partners will be responsible for production and sales, while we will be responsible for project planning, technical support, staff training, marketing, and product development.

This is the only way to create a strong collective brand that stands for high quality and urban agriculture.

There is no comprehensive offer like ours on the market. In Europe, there are two other suppliers in the aquaponics sector who offer systems for commercial production but do not produce food themselves and thus leave their customers to their own devices.

As of today, we are conducting about a dozen discussions with potential partners parallel to one another and have already signed the first LoIs (letters of intent).

Using the Companisto investment, we aim to build and expand our team to ensure efficient execution during the rollout.

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The acquisition of this asset involves considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the assets used. The expected yield is not guaranteed and may turn out to be lower.
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