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CAR2AD | Overview

CAR2AD combines online with out of home advertising and thus makes billboards digital, more effective and target-group-specific.

With CAR2AD, billboard advertising is offered an effective, digital, and target-group specific solution.  The software and hardware we developed turns vehicles into mobile and digital advertising space for inner cities. This is done by placing software-equipped screens onto the roofs of cars. This allows customers to display their advertising at the right time and the right place in order to more effectively reach and address their target groups. In addition to the Federal Ministry of Transport, we're also working together with large media agencies and publishing houses.

CAR2AD - Key Investment Facts


When a new shop opens in Berlin, the business owner usually gets into contact with an advertising agency for campaigns in order to win over new customers. Together with the agency the store owners then decide, for example, to run advertisements directed at the store's target group (e.g. male customers between the ages of 18 - 36 in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg) via billboards and other outdoor advertising mediums.

A single digital advertising surface in Berlin can cost multiple hundreds of euro per day depending on the location; this is due to the fact that many thousands of people pass the billboard each day.  However, there are very few potential customers among this group of people.  In the end, the business pays a lot of money to run advertisements for individuals that aren't considered part of the target group.

For the many companies that exclusively advertise online, this sort of inaccuracy is practically unimaginable. And that's why we developed CAR2AD, the first product that makes target-group specific advertising possible for the outdoor sector. Similar to the likes of Google and Facebook, the advertising invoice is then drafted according to the amount of customers the billboard reached.

This is already possible in Asian countries, like Singapore. We at CAR2AD are the first in Germany to bring this sort of advertising "to the street". Together with our partners, drive by and you, the Companists, we want to finally digitize outdoor advertising in Germany.

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