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copaltec | Overview

copaltec cools electrical devices with its heat conductive cast resins and these extend the lives of devices and boost their overall performance.
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All electrical devices have components built into them that generate heat while operating. In order to protect them from overheating and external influences, these components have to be wrapped with a special material. This material is called cast resin. copaltec produces and sells cast resins that are especially efficient for heat conduction and increase the performance and range of devices, like electric motors. With the most efficient cast resins on the market, copaltec was able to generate annual revenue of €240,000 in 2016 and has major DAX-30 customers, such as Siemens AG, in its portfolio. The copaltec team has made it their goal to become a "Hidden Champion" within the cast resin market over the next few years. The business angel of the year for 2016, Dr. Tobias Engelhardt, has invested in copaltec. 

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It is no longer possible to imagine modern everyday life without electrical devices. From the LED lighting in the garden to the cordless drill to the parking sensors on the car - all of these devices are equipped with sensitive electronics. In order to protect these sensitive components against external influences and overheating, copaltec develops and produces special plastics for high-performance electronics.

These so-called cast resins are based on two liquid components. We use a secret formulation to produce these in our manufacturing plants. By means of a chemical process, the cast resin then becomes a plastic material with special properties for customer to use on-site. Our industrial customers use these for the processing and permanent protection of highly sensitive electronic components. Objective measurements show that copaltec products are better and more efficient at transferring heat to the outside than market solutions. By means of industrial tests, we have confirmed the theoretical values for the thermal conductivity of our material.


Manual grouting in the technical center of copaltec


Due to increasing digitalisation, the demands on electronic components are also increasing and thus also on the cast resins used. When electrical devices are operated ever more heat occurs. So, in order that the devices can continue to work at the highest level of performance, the heat must be transferred to the outside, as this would otherwise hamper the performance.

In the example of an electric motor, pouring the copper windings with our heat conductive cast resin leads to an operating temperature reduction of over 30°C and thus a power increase of over 20%.


Application for electric motors


We were convinced of the huge potential even before the development of the first heat conductive product. Within the framework of the EXIST founder bursary (issued by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy), we laid the foundations for copatec's current innovation lead and with our cast resins, we have a development advantage of more than 3 years compared to the competition.

Copaltec founder and qualified chemical engineer, Andreas Hartwig, worked on the research and development of the product formulation for over 5 years. Together with him, Stefanie Lauer, also a copaltec founder and qualified media industry expert has built up the company from the bottom.

For 2017, the company is already set to grow and was able to more than double its revenue during the first quarter of 2017 when compared to the same time period from last year. Together, the perfect complementary founder couple, generated an annual turnover in 2106 of €240,000 and they are now in a position of being able to produce up to 10 tonnes per week in their own manufacturing halls.

Our products are used in a variety of industries, such as electric mobility, the lighting industry and battery technology. We currently supply over 50 international business customers. This also includes DAX 30 companies such as Siemens AG. Also, since 2014 the Business Angel of the Year (2016), Dr. Tobias Engelhard as been copaltec GmbH investor by means of his associated company.

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