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Cringle is the award-winning solution for users who want to send money to friends all over Europe in a matter of seconds – simple, secure and free of charge.
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Cringle is the intuitive smartphone app for users who want to send money to friends all over Europe in a matter of seconds. By cooperating with your principal bank, the app guarantees your bank’s normal high security standards. Cringle has received numerous awards and has found a partner in Germany's foremost direct bank, the Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB).

Key Investment Facts


Key Investments Facts Cringle


50% of people wish their bank offered a solution to transfer money quickly and simply via smartphones.

We experienced this issue after a football match with friends: we wanted to toast our victory and one person got the drinks in for the entire team. Even though we could have rented a car or an apartment in a foreign country with our phones, we couldn't simply send each other the small amount of money we owed.
Instead, some of us decided to look for the exact amounts in our wallets, while others took our friend's account details and promised to transfer the amount at home.
The Cringle app is a contemporary solution to simplify this awkward procedure. Cringle makes sending or receiving money the simplest and quickest alternative.

Thanks to Cringle, you can send money to or request money from all your friends, as long as they have a European cell phone number - and all in a matter of seconds. We have been perfecting our app for more than a year and developed a payment system with DKB that not only meets the regular security standards of banks but is also accessible to all banks in Europe.


Cringle - Für Freunde, die sich alles teilen


Every day, 858 million euros exchange hands between private individuals in Europe. In Germany, 82% of these so-called P2P payments (peer-to-peer) use cash. We asked ourselves: why cash?

Debit and credit cards are common and accepted payment methods in retail. Unfortunately, such simple solutions for payments between individuals do not exist yet. And this is where Cringle comes in: We provide our users with the possibility to send money via their smartphone - simple, secure and free of charge.

Our company was recently awarded the “Best Payment Service Provider 2016” prize and also named “Best Fintech Start-Up Of The Year 2016”.

Last year, our cooperation model was awarded first place in the customer innovation awards of the German Institute for Service Quality (Deutsches Institut für Servicequalität).


Cringle ist ausgezeichnet


Our remarkable business development is reflected, in particular, by our transaction volume, which is currently at EUR 900,000. In the last quarter alone, we registered a 30% increase in our transaction volume. As another major bank has decided to offer our services this year, and we are currently developing the attractive Austrian market, our growth will further accelerate in the near future.


Entwicklung des Transaktionsvolumens


Business people, in addition to private individuals, will also be able to benefit from Cringle soon. They will be able to use a business version of our app with which to accept cashless payments without the need for additional hardware.

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