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Cringle 2 | Overview

Cringle is the award-winning solution that allows users to send money across Europe using their smartphone in a matter of seconds.
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Cringle develops mobile payment solutions and is a reliable partner for all banks and app providers in Europe. With the Cringle technology, users are able to immediately, securely, and reliably send money to any cell phone, just like sending a text message. Leading online banks, such as DKB and Consorsbank, as well as personal financial advisors, such as Deutsche Vermögensberatung, already rely on Cringle and actively offer their more than 10 million customers Cringle as a payment solution. Over 3.5 million euros have already been sent via Cringle and with a monthly growth of more than 10%, we are steadily establishing ourselves as Europe's leading provider of mobile payments between private individuals.

Key Investment Facts


The smartphone is today’s constant companion in everyday life. We have the possibility to spontaneously fulfill these needs using our smartphones. 

I need to find my way somewhere? Look no further than Google Maps!

I need a vacation rental? Get it booked with AirBnB within seconds.

I need to quickly send money to a friend?  Done in seconds with Cringle.

Cringle is now the daily companion for those looking to make payments to friends and are short on cash or are looking to avoid cumbersome online bank transfers on their desktops.  Cringle allows you to send money to friends across all of Europe working together with your own bank in just a few seconds.

Cringle is a FinTech start-up (financial technology) that makes electronic payments in Europe possible via smartphone.  Each bank and every app provider in Europe that is looking to offer their customers quick and easy peer-to-peer (P2P) payments is able to incorporate our Cringle technology into their own product portfolio.

In 2014, we developed the Cringle app and an innovative mass-transaction platform. Together with the Deutscher Kreditbank AG (DKB, the second largest online bank in Germany), we built up the first bank-to-FinTech partnerships.  We set up the payment system according to EU-wide banking standards and all the legal requirements. We then connected it to DKB's infrastructure. The Cringle payment system meets the same security requirements that apply to all online banking and has been able to utilize many years of previous experience in the areas of digital payment and bank partnerships.

While taking into consideration the highly sensitive security requirements, we've been constantly developing new, innovative technology with our 15-person team since our launch in 2014. One example is our transaction solution that allows every private individual to send money via their smartphone without having to know and enter their long IBAN code.

Cringle was the first company to carry out an equity-based crowdfunding campaign on Companisto and was also the first app and first FinTech product on the site. Thanks to more than 1,400 Companists, we were able to successfully complete our financing goal 200% ahead of our target.  We were able to acquire Axel Springer as a strategic investor over the course of the campaign.  What's more, Cringle built up a close partnership with the banking platform, solarisBank, which is in charge of handling payment processes for non-partner bank customers in other EU markets.  We carried out our first product launch in Austria at the end of 2016 and plan on expanding into additional European countries by the end of 2017.

Cringle has received many awards, and, in addition to our 75,000 users, the DKB, and solarisBank, our portfolio also includes clients like Bankhaus August Lenz, the Deutsche Vermögensberatung, as well as the BNP Paribas/Consorbank.


What's happened since the first equity-based crowdfunding campaign?

In June 2016, as mentioned, we launched our campaign on Companisto and were the first FinTech app to do so.  Cringle was a hit and was able to surpass the €100,000 threshold within the first 24 hours. With the amazing support of the Companists, we were able to reach our investment goal of €400,000 before the deadline. Due to the many emails and requests we received by those interested in investing in Cringle, we decided to extend the campaign and raised our investment goal to €800,000.  Thanks to the over 1,400 participating Companists, we were able to reach this goal prior to the end of the official campaign.


Increase in users


Since then Cringle has steadily grown in the B2B area, and we've also been able to strengthen our B2B network by adding renowned partners.

With the ongoing digitization of today's economy, we see a growth in interest in our P2P solutions.

In particular, our API interface fulfills a huge customer need that, prior to our development, hadn't been fulfilled in Europe.


Transaction volume


In order to continue our growth and the positive development of Cringle, we're once again looking to the Companists for support.

The funds are to be used to implement pending partnerships, create new, international partnerships, and implement planned, innovative payment solutions with our partners.

We have decided to initiate another Companisto campaign, as we were receiving more and more requests from existing Companists that were seeking to increase their share in Cringle.  What's more, an additional Companisto campaign will allow us to increase our pool of private investors and multipliers, which helps Cringle in terms of both its B2B and B2C areas.

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