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Diversicon | Overview

Diversicon creates jobs for people with autism and thus places urgently needed specialists with companies

Companies need skilled workers while people with autism have special strengths; nonetheless about 85% are unemployed. Diversicon creates a bridge to the first labor market and facilitates permanent employment. For his approach, to employ people with autism in the IT-sector, the founder Dirk Müller-Remus was awarded with the German Founder's Prize 2015. Based on the many years of experience with auticon he wants to extend the concept to other sectors.

Dear Companists,

We are pleased to provide you with our pitch deck, which summarizes Diversicon`s business model and strategy and illustrates our company’s potential.

As always, you can find all information on us, our team, and Diversicon in our company profile.

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Pitch Deck of Diversicon


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The Diversicon Impact Loan

Diversicon is primarily looking for Impact Loan Capital via Companisto as a social business. As a social business, Diversicon has made it its task to solve an important social problem and to do so as a profitably run business. In contrast to traditional private companies, the focus does not lie solely on profit maximization, but also on sustainable impact; the impact on our society.


The problem:

On the one hand, many people with autism possess extraordinary abilities and their amazing knowledge even surpasses that of recognized experts in their respective specialist areas, such as mathematics, astrophysics or artifical intelligence, without them ever having studied these. They quickly recognize patterns in unfamiliar products and processes and link these to innovative approaches for further developments. They immediately notice errors without needing to put effort into searching for them.

These strengths are extremely valuable to many companies and they provide companies with measurable added value. It can be assumed that it is not without cause that around 30% of all developers in Silicon Valley are autistic. On the other side, they find social contact very difficult, abhor small talk and again and again they rub people up the wrong way with their 100% honesty. These perceived weaknesses become immediately apparent in interviews and lead to the fact that, despite their strengths, 85% are unemployed in Germany. By deploying trained job coaches to act in the background, however, these weaknesses can largely be compensated for. 

Across Germany, companies are desperately looking for skilled staff, particularly in technical professions. Despite their outstanding specialist competence, autistic people very frequently fail in the traditional application process. As a result, many autistic people remain almost always without work, while at the same time, thousands of positions are unoccupied right across Germany. A situation in which there are ultimately only losers: The many people with autism, the innumerable companies that continue to have unfilled vacancies and the German state, which faces millions in annual costs.

This is where Diversicon comes in: as a specialist for staff development and the integration of highly qualified people on the autistic spectrum into the primary labor market. We provide, coach and promote qualified specialists with autism. In return, we receive subsidies from the state (from which the companies can also benefit) and income from the companies. So in the long term, everybody gets to benefit.

In this way, Diversicon combines financial success with social added value.

We’re not starting from zero, but are rather building on our years of experience with auticon GmbH. Dirk Müller-Remus jointly with his co-founder Kurt Schöffer built over the last six years the auticon GmbH up to being an internationally recognized IT consultancy for people with autism. Together with our IT consultants, who are all autistic, we implemented many successful projects for one third of the DAX-companies.

auticon now has more than 100 employees in several European countries. With Diversicon, we want to build on this success and to develop other sectors and career fields: Our missions are gaining access to the labor market and the promotion of employment of people with autism.

With the impact loan for Diversicon, we are offering you a return of 8% p.a. with a term of 6 years. The interest will be distributed twice a year and at the end of the loan, the entire investment sum will be repaid.


Impact Loan


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