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eatclever | Overview

eatclever is Germany's first delivery service for freshly prepared and healthy dishes, and has been operating in 12 German cities since 2015.
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eatclever develops tasty dishes in cooperation with nutrition experts, which are then freshly prepared in partner restaurants in 12 German towns and delivered directly to the customer. With more than 15,000 satisfied customers, eatclever has established its position on the market and hopes to accelerate its Germany-wide expansion with the help of an equity-based crowdfunding round on Companisto.

Key Investment Facts


Crowd Voting

eatclever offers its Companists a special safety net, crowd voting, thus reducing the risk for Companists and strengthening their role as investors.

eatclever will receive 2/3 of the investments immediately after the campaign. The last third will be deposited in an escrow account protected against insolvency, and it will not be paid out before the Companists have agreed to the payout by means of a majority decision (weighted according to investment amounts).

The vote is scheduled to start 6 months after the end of the crowdfunding campaign. At the request of eatclever, the vote may also take place earlier than that. If the Companists do not agree to the payout, the remaining third will be repaid to them free of charge.

It is up to the Companists to decide whether the remaining third will be paid out to eatclever, which will increase the Companists' share, or whether the remaining third will be repaid to the Companists, thus causing their share to remain 2/3 of the total investment. To help the Companists make an informed decision, eatclever will report on its business development in an investor update.

We at eatclever have deliberately decided to offer crowd voting. We are convinced that we will achieve a successful market launch of our delivery service for healthy dishes, and we want you to judge us by the success of our work. Therefore, we believe crowd voting is a great idea and will increase our investors‘ confidence in eatclever.


More and more people are interested in a healthy lifestyle. But it isn't always as simple as many would like. Reconciling the gym, wellness and a healthy work-life balance is a very time-consuming task. And many people unfortunately do not have enough time to prepare healthy meals. One possible solution to this problem is going for a delivery service but while the dishes may be varied they are usually the opposite of healthy.

The team of founders identified this gap in the market and, as a consequence, founded eatclever in 2014. The first delivery service to specialize in exclusively healthy dishes. To this end, we pay great attention to providing a balanced diet of carbohydrates and protein. Furthermore, we also offer vegan and vegetarian dishes to satisfy modern dietary trends.

In comparison to other well-known delivery services, eatclever exclusively offers healthy and balanced meals for lunch and dinner. Our menu with more than 30 dishes was developed in cooperation with nutrition and health experts, which is why our food is not only very tasty but also low in calories.

eatclever is the alternative to the fatty and unhealthy fast food delivered by some delivery services and suits modern nutritional concepts. For this reason, eatclever also calls its range "Feelgood Food".


eatclever vs. Pizza


eatclever customers order their meals directly via the website or the telephone. The order is then forwarded to the local delivery partner. In order to expand the eatclever delivery area as quickly as possible, we have developed a special system. Instead of opening a branch in every town, eatclever cooperates with existing restaurants that already deliver their own dishes in order to exploit the existing delivery structure. We select our partner restaurants according to stringent criteria and also provide them with comprehensive training. After the intensive course, eatclever partner restaurants can prepare and deliver the special eatclever dishes in accordance with our guidelines.

This creates a true win-win situation: eatclever can use its partners' functioning infrastructures (purchase, preparation and delivery). This approach will enable eatclever to expand much faster and at a lower cost than franchises, which need to open an individual restaurant each time.

The partner restaurants, on the other hand, are less dependent on delivery portals. While these portals ensure comparability among the offers, they also increase pricing pressure and ultimately lower the individual delivery services' margins.




Thanks to the eatclever licensing model, the partner restaurants benefit from additional revenue, new target groups and less competitive pressure. Furthermore, we support the partner restaurants with classic on- and offline marketing measures to ensure a professional and consistent look even if the individual partners lack the necessary expertise in this area.

Following an optimization phase in the test market in Hamburg, the model was expanded to currently 12 German towns (Lüneburg, Hannover, Münster, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bonn, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Frankfurt, Offenbach and Munich) where we have achieved impressive results so far: With more than 15,000 customers, eatclever has successfully established itself on the market and currently generates order volumes of more than EUR 125,000 per month. In the first quarter 2016, we were able to increase our order volumes by an average of 25% per month.


Growth of order volume

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