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EBS Technologies | Overview

Innovative German Medical Technology: EBS has developed the NEXT WAVE™ system, a unique neurological stimulation system for the treatment of neurologically-based visual impairments. Our system can treat the effects of these impairments and partially restore vision in many patients.

Innovative Therapy Method Can Improve Vision in the Case of Neurologically-Based Scotoma


Thus far, experts have assumed that a person's vision cannot be restored once it has been lost. Intensive research on the human brain, however, has shown that visual impairments are caused not only by defects of the eye itself, but also by neurological damage within the visual system. For instance, strokes frequently damage neural networks. These networks are essential to signal transmission from the eyes to the visual processing center of the brain. As a result, damage to these networks may cause visual field loss (see animation), which could be treated only to a very limited extent so far. The EBS NEXT WAVE™ system has the potential to repair these damaged neural networks in order to partly restore a patient's vision in many cases.



In 2014, the company generated approximately EUR 100,000 in revenue for the first time and is now very well prepared for a full-scale market entry: The EBS NEXT WAVE™ system has convinced more and more medical experts since its CE certification in 2013, and the first patients successfully completed their therapy programs last summer using the non-invasive and low-risk method (most of them in the context of trials).

Milestones Reached

For the fast-growing global medical technology market, the German company EBS Technologies has developed NEXT WAVE™, a unique therapy method that has been patented in the EU and in the U.S. and whose effectiveness has been proven for neurologically-based visual impairments, for instance those caused by glaucoma, eye infarcts, strokes, or traumatic brain injuries. EBS Technologies addresses 375,000 potential patients in Germany, 2.3 millions in Europe, and 1.5 million in the U.S.; because of increasing average ages and stress levels, this number is currently increasing and will most likely keep doing so in a significant fashion in the future. People affected by visual field loss often experience major changes to their life, e.g., the loss of their independence in everyday life.

Our therapy method is highly innovative and can directly treat the effects of such visual impairments in many cases. Neurons caused to be inoperative by the damage may often be reactivated through the NEXT WAVE™ stimulation technology, and new neural networks may be established within the brain.

Clinical trials have confirmed that the EBS NEXT WAVE™ therapy method is effective, and the method has already been CE certified in Germany and Europe. Furthermore, the system has already been used to treat more than 1,100 patients, most of them in the context of clinical studies, and it has been used commercially since early 2014.


Previous Investments in EBS


To date, EBS Technologies has been able to acquire total investments of 8 million euros from the High Tech Gründerfonds (high-tech start-up fund), the ILB (investment bank of the state of Brandenburg), and Earlybird (one of the most renowned German venture capital companies). As commercial use of the technology started in 2014, the existing investors intend to finance EBS Technologies until it reaches breakeven point in mid-2016.

The last contribution of capital was made in Q4 2014, when the company received € 1m. For instance, we received investments worth EUR 1m in Q4 2014. Companists may now invest in EBS at the same valuation. Additional capital raised through Companisto will be used to speed up company value development. 

 The EBS NEXT WAVE™-System


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