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This investment carries considerable risks and may lead to a loss of the entire assets invested. Projected returns cannot be guaranteed and may be lower than expected.

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31 December 2014
Fairvendo Gesellschaft für Finanzdesign mbH Loading (Hamburg) Germany
  good luck!  
19 December 2014
Alessandro Loading (Altenerding) Germany
18 December 2014
Annett Loading (Thüringen) Germany
  Viel Erfolg  
09 December 2014
Ulrich Loading (Köln) Germany
06 December 2014
Michael Loading (Sachsen) Germany
05 December 2014
Dietrich Loading (Lübeck) Germany business club badge
05 December 2014
Alexander Loading (Niedersachsen) Germany
01 December 2014
Julia Loading (Belgium) Belgium
01 December 2014
Matthias Loading (Cottbus) Germany
29 November 2014
Globvest AG Loading (Zug) Switzerland
  Die Idee überzeugt. Viel Erfolg  
28 November 2014
David Loading (Hamburg) Germany
27 November 2014
Sebastian Loading (Berlin) Germany
27 November 2014
Tobias Loading (Schwetzingen) Germany
27 November 2014
Andre Loading (Inning am Ammersee) Germany
  Auf geht´s! Viel Erfolg!  
23 November 2014
Tim Loading (Thüringen) Germany
21 November 2014
Salvo Danilo Loading (Munchen) Germany
20 November 2014
Sven Loading (Baden-Württemberg) Germany business club badge
19 November 2014
Thomas Loading (Schwerin) Germany
  Sehr interessant!!
Bin dabei ;0)  
18 November 2014
Maria Loading (Nordrhein-Westfalen) Germany business club badge
  Viel Erfolg!  
14 November 2014
Dominik Loading (Stuttgart) Germany
14 November 2014
Dieter Loading (Waldbrunn) Germany
  Viel Erfolg!!  
13 November 2014
Birgit Loading (Baden-Württemberg) Germany
  Ich wünsche euch viel Erfolg - die Idee ist sensationell!  
12 November 2014
Christian Loading (Bremen) Germany
  Der Bereich Neue Energien ist viel zu wichtig, als dass man solche Startups nicht unterstützten sollte. Ich wünsche dem Unternehmen, dass sich die jahrelange Ingenieursarbeit lohnt - für uns Investoren, für die Gründer und für die Umwelt.  
11 November 2014
Mike Loading (Nordrhein-Westfalen) Germany
  Interesse ist ja da.

Also hoffen wir, dass es auch angenommen wird.

Viel Erfolg uns allen!!  
09 November 2014
Ruediger Loading (Köln) Germany
  Viel Erfolg!! Das Team scheint sehr erfahren und kompetent zu sein.  


Investments in crowdfunding projects offer great opportunities, but they are risk investments. In the worst case, the entire investment amount may be lost. Consequently, these investments are unsuitable for retirement plans. However, there is no obligation to make further contributions. Investors can minimize their risk by splitting their investment amount between crowdfunding campaigns rather than investing all of it in one crowdfunding campaign. Professional investors often follow this strategy because it causes the risk to be distributed among several investments. In this way, successful investments can balance other less successful investments.

The shares of the Companists are subordinated profit-participating loans (partiarische Nachrangdarlehen). Such loans are shares in a business with similar characteristics as equity. If the company becomes insolvent or is liquidated, the claims of the Companists – just like those of all other shareholders of the company – will be satisfied from the assets in the insolvency or the assets in liquidation only after the claims of all other external creditors have been satisfied. Thus, Companists are treated like any other shareholder of the company during insolvency or liquidation proceedings.

The company information published on the Companisto website is provided solely by the companies. The projections made by the companies do not guarantee successful development of the company in the future. Consequently, crowdfunding investments are suitable only for those investors who can cope with the risk of a total loss of the capital invested. Investors make their own independent investment decisions and bear all risks themselves.

The investments are provided and issued by the individual companies. Companisto is neither the provider nor the issuer of the investments, but solely the internet service platform.

Please note
The acquisition of this asset involves considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the assets used.

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