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HERO Software (2016 - ursprünglich energieheld)  | Overview

energieheld helps customers optimize energy efficiency of their building in the best way possible.
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Thus far, homeowners willing to modernize their house and to make it more energy efficient have had to browse countless craftsmen forums and have had to deal with various legal requirements, grants and subsidies, and certifications. Energieheld ("energy hero") is changing this situation. Energieheld is a platform for energy-efficient modernization, counsels homeowners on all the different modernization activities and subsidies there are, and connects customers with suitable craftsmen. In this way, homeowners get everything they need through a single website. With more than 3.8 million website visitors, we are the market leader within a growing multi-billion market, and we reached break-even point in late 2015.



Accounting for 40% of total energy consumption in Germany, buildings are the most important factor in climate change. In fact, energy consumption of buildings in Germany is higher than that of the entire German industrial sector or that of the transportation industry, which is why buildings cause considerable carbon dioxide emissions.




Every year, over 1,000,000 property owners in Germany want to change this and to reduce their building's energy consumption, thus saving money and helping fight climate change.


Support Climate Protection through energieheld

Property owners in Germany, however, have the problem that they have to choose from a large number of measures, manufacturers, and technologies in order to improve energy consumption of their buildings as much as possible. In addition, people frequently have difficulty searching for a reliable craftsman business and navigating the multitude of possible subsidies and public grants for their project.

energieheld has recognized these problems as well as the related potential of a growing multi-billion market that has hardly been digitized so far. This is why we enable property owners and craftsman businesses to improve energy efficiency of buildings in a simple, transparent, and relatively inexpensive manner.


#1 Platform energieheld Focuses on Customer Acquisition Online and Digital Processes

The leading online platform for energy-efficiency improvements to buildings with a total of more than 3.8 million visitors, we focus on customer acquisition online and handle the entire process from a customer's first inquiry to the project's realization on our platform.




As improvements to buildings are personal projects that require much counseling, however, we also have highly qualified customer service representatives that provide personal and independent counseling to customers in these people's buildings.


energieheld is unique because it combines digital, regional, and personal service.



This leads to a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for everyone involved:

  1. Customers may improve energy efficiency of their buildings in an inexpensive, high-quality fashion and save up to 30 %.
  2. We help craftsman businesses collaborating with us make their processes efficient and digital, and we provide these businesses with valid projects from new customers.
  3. energieheld receives a highly lucrative commission of 10 % from partner businesses after a project has been completed.
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