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Austrian start-up ENIO is operating a charging station network for electric cars throughout Europe.
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ENIO, an Austrian start-up from Vienna, operates a network of charging stations for electric cars throughout Europe. To meet the high demand for such charging stations, ENIO is establishing a crowd solution for charging electric cars. This solution consists of inexpensive charging stations that homeowners and property owners may install on the wall of their building and that are connected to the Internet. This cooperative charging system for electric cars will be the future of electric mobility, and it includes energy management.  




Inexpensive and Powerful Electric Vehicles Are Entering the Market

With an actual reach exceeding 500 km, excellent handling, and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds, electric vehicles have become a reality today. Manufacturers of cars for large target groups, such as Renault, Nissan, Ford, and Opel, will launch new cars in 2016 that will convince more people of electric mobility.

Major European car manufacturers like BMW are focusing on electric mobility (source: Automobilwoche issue from 1 December 2015). In Norway, the market share of fully electric cars has already surpassed 20 %, and other countries are catching up.

Major companies from other sectors, such as Apple, Google, and newcomer Faraday, will shortly start developing electric cars, thus increasing the success of electric mobility. In fact, Apple is currently increasing the size of its development team for electric cars to 600 employees.


Electric Mobility Matures...

According to a study by Kienbaum Consultants, the share of electric vehicles in newly registered vehicles will have increased to 7 % by 2020 and to over 30 % by 2030. Consequently, 3.6 million new electric vehicles will be put into operation in the EU in 2030.

According to Statista, the global market for electric vehicles is expected to grow to an annual volume of €300 billion until 2030. Simultaneously, the market for the necessary infrastructure will grow. If one assumes costs of 5 % of the above market volume for the charging infrastructure, the infrastructure market will have grown to €3.5 billion by 2020, to €8.0 billion by 2025, and to €15 billion by 2030.


...and Needs Intelligent Charging Infrastructure




In 2015, we generated approx. €1,000,000 in revenues through our service (software as a service) of connecting charging stations digitally for our clients. We are already operating 1,500 charging stations by various manufacturers, e.g., by ABB, Mennekes, ABL, Efacec, Barth, and Alfazero, throughout Europe.

In December 2015, we secured deals worth roughly €700,000 and a research project including a subsidy worth roughly €370,000 for 2016.

To further strengthen ENIO, we plan to develop another business model in 2016. Indeed, we are developing a cooperative electric charging system called "youCharge." All homeowners and property owners will then be able to get such an electric charging system of their own.


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