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FitW | Overview

The new-style FitW health and fitness cube is a versatile and efficient fitness device for both young and old.
FitW Pitch Video
Pitch Video

The FitW is a most versatile health and fitness device featuring a unique combination of form and material that is suitable for all – whether in personal training, in professional sport or in the health sector. Take it with you, blow it up and use it anywhere. Started 7 years ago as nothing more than an idea, 1000 units have already been sold since the company was founded in September 2016.

Dear Companists,

We are pleased to provide you with our pitch deck, which summarizes FitW`s business model and strategy and illustrates our company’s potential.

As always, you can find all information on us, our team, and FitW in our company profile.

 Your team of FitW


Pitch Deck of FitW

Please click on the picture above to open the pitch deck of FitW.

FitW - Key Investment Facts

Lack of exercise, long hours sitting in front of the computer and too little time to get to the fitness center or to unpack those running shoes - and yet always on the search for simple ways to keep fit. Sounds familiar?

In 2009, Rudolf Gotsmi, himself a passionate athlete as well as a trained fitness and soccer coach, commenced the development of a new training device that combines the advantages of earlier fitness equipment and at the same time provides new training dimensions. While most commercial fitness equipment is only designed for certain regions of the body or for an individual training goal - balance, stability, coordination or strength - the FitW is the optimum fitness device for all regions of the body and for all target groups. From the first idea for the FitW fitness cube to the development of prototypes and material tests, he has worked away meticulously for 7 years. In cooperation with proven fitness experts and top athletes - such as the world cup racing skier, Katharina Gallhuber or the downhill amateur champion, Rade Curcic -  the FitW has been optimized and was finally brought onto the market in September 2016.

The Fitness Cube is easy to transport and can be used anywhere. On top of this, it is also relatively inexpensive to purchase - but above all, it offers a variety of training possibilities, depending on the training goals and levels of its users.

Together with Austrian distribution partner, Spartan, in 2016 we were able to conclude 1000 orders - and that without any marketing spend. In Germany, the FitW is already available in the two largest sports equipment retailers, Sport Thieme and Kuebler Sport. Customers can also order the FitW on amazon.

We want to use crowd financing via Companisto to increase awareness of our product and our goal is to further develop the FitW and to win new customers for our product by means of investments in marketing and sales.

The FitW-Dice modell 1.0


The FitW is the health and fitness cube of a new generation. Whether as a healthy, portable alternative to the rigid office chair, targeted strength training for individual regions of the body or as a toy: The FitW is the versatile training device for improving personal fitness.



The FitW effectively prevents the health-damaging effects caused by a typical lack of movement. Flexible inflation - from hard/very stable to very soft/challenging in terms of balance – and the cube shape with rounded edges permits more exercise options with the FitW than is the case with commercial fitness equipment and it is suitable for beginners and older persons, to whom round training devices offer too little stability.

FitW - Benefit for the musculoskeletar system

FitW - Strengthening


Strengthening the muscles: Strengthening and sustainable stabilisation of calves, thighs, leg, sacrum, the back and spinal column, shoulders, muscle loops and belly, legs and buttocks


FitW - Coordination


Coordination: Improvement of inter- and intra- muscular coordination, deep stabilisation (for example of the vertebral muscles) and increasing of the speed of action


FitW - Back training


Back training: Prevents injuries, keeps the spine mobile and provides for an upright posture which is crucial for a healthy working life. In this way, back complaints are also prevented, in the long term, during leisure time.


FitW - Prevention


Preventative training and therapy: Rehabilitation of muscle strength and recovery of coordinative capabilities as well as injury prevention for both performance and amateur athletes.

In its current design, the FitW is also perfectly suited to playful learning in kindergarten and school because the numbers and colors help children to improve their cognitive skills. In addition to this, the different colors of the cube facilitate the instruction of more demanding exercises, especially in professional adult training. For example: “Cubing" (Balancing on the edge) between grey and red/five and six.

The shell of the FitW is made of very robust synthetic fibers, which render it also suitable for outdoor training. As an inflatable cube, the FitW weighs less than 1 kg and has dimensions of 45 x 45 x 45 centimeters.

Since the FitW is firmly suited for all ages, the individual target groups are differentiated according to their age:

FitW - Age groups

RG Handels GmbH achieves its revenue from the development and distribution of its primary product, the FitW. The fitness cube is currently distributed via wholesalers, such as the exclusive partner, Spartan.

Through the expansion of the sales network to other wholesalers, from 2017 it will be possible to address new markets and thereby to reach new customers. By means of advertising and marketing expenditure (online and offline advertising, social media campaigns, etc.), sales will be accelerated towards the end customer. The aim for 2017 is to significantly boost awareness of the FitW and to position the product in the minds of consumers by means of promotional activities. With direct sales, which are currently in the process of development, we will be able to negotiate with customers directly on site by means of professional sales meetings with trained sales staff and we will be able to convince them of the benefits of the product by means of advertising materials (brochures, product data sheets) that are coordinated towards the target group and.

The retail sales price is EUR 89.95.

Sales take place, depending on the wholesaler on a stationary basis or online, via market places such as amazon.

The product development should allow further options for the expansion of the business model to be developed. Not only an expansion of the design range, but also the removable cover makes it possible to personalize the FitW - both for private and business customers. The latter can be individualized according to the company’s own designs.

FitW - Unique selling points

Why a cube, if all the world uses round fitness balls? Because they require a high level of physical fitness in advance and are not suitable for beginners. By virtue of its cubic shape, the FitW offers the stability needed for the entry-level training and, at the same time, the flexibility for advanced users to also be able to undertake exercises with a high degree of difficulty.

Currently, the application of a registered design (form-material combination) for the FitW is in the planning stage in Austria.

In the form of the sports goods dealer Spartan, it was possible in 2016 to acquire a major wholesaler as a sales partner. Spartan is currently supplying around 1,500 specialist dealers and other distribution partners in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria. From the second quarter of 2017, deliveries will also be made to consumers in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. As a partner, Spartan is exclusively responsible for distribution. All marketing activities are carried out by RG Handels GmbH itself. Numbered among the business partners of Spartan are the two largest sporting goods retailers in Germany: Sport Thieme and Kuebler Sport.

 FitW - business partners and customers

The FitW is produced in China in accordance with the most stringent quality standards and in cooperation with a local producer, which manufactures for numerous international companies. The cooperation has existed since 2011 - even before official entry onto the market.

In 2016, an important step was taken in the acquisition of FH-Prof. Ing. MMag. Dr. Anton Sabo from the Technikum Wien (Vienna Technical College); the college which first initiated sports equipment technology as a course of study. As a renowned specialist in the field of sports medicine, he has supported the FitW from the outset, both as an ambassador and as an independent expert. He also has created an expert report on the FitW.

FitW - Facsimile of the report 

Facsimile of the report

“This is a system that is concerned on the one hand with the training of coordination skills and muscular stability, and on the other hand is not as unstable as a usual gymnastic ball. As a result of this, it can be used for older persons, who possess less of the stability required to be able to train on a ball."


FH-Prof. Ing. MMag. Dr. Anton Sabo


Prominent supporters

The FitW project has been supported from the outset by various different people. We are particularly proud of, among other things, the cooperation with the racing skier, Katharina Gall Huber, and the professional football player, Christoph Riegler, as well as with qualified fitness trainers and athletes.


Katharina Gallhuber, World Cup Racing Skier

The FitW is appropriate for end users of all ages, from kindergarten to old age. Accordingly, the target group is to be divided into the following categories:

FitW - Customers according target groups

FitW customers are characterized by a nutrition and body conscious lifestyle, are usually fitness-minded and are thus the sort of people who are interested in maintaining their physical fitness.

Using Sinus Milieus, it is possible to identify this group regardless of age:

FitW - The Sinus Milieu

FitW - Sinus Milieu Target Groups

FitW relies on the growing sporting goods market: For years now, the total turnover of the sporting goods industry in the DACH area (German speaking countries) has been for years stable to slightly increasing. In 2015, the total turnover of the sporting goods industry in Austria amounted to EUR 2.57bn; for the same period in Germany, this was EUR 7.37bn and EUR 1.81bn in Switzerland.

Average per capita expenditure on sports goods in the same countries amounts to EUR 302 (Austria), EUR 89 (Germany) and EUR 237 (Switzerland).

In Austria, sports and fitness equipment and such like accounted for about 17% of this turnover. This corresponds to a total of EUR 66.14m for the 2015. We assume a similar percentage for Germany and Switzerland. This is the overall market for the FitW.(Source:

Total Market for the FitW

FitW - Milestone plan


On 7th March, the Austrian TV channel, Puls 4 (a subsidiary of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE) will broadcast a version of VOX’s "Höhle der Löwen” (Cave of the Lions, known in and the UK Ireland as ‘Dragons’ Den) called “2 Minuten – 2 Millionen“ (2 minutes - 2 million") in which the inventor of the FitW, Rudolf Gotsmi will present the product to 5 professional investors. The program managers approached Rudolf Gotsmi directly to get him on the show. The program has an average 181,400 viewers per episode, representing a market share of 8.5%.

During the crowd investing financing campaign, a strong focus will be laid on public relations and online communication and advertising. These activities will be carried out in cooperation with the communications agency, raffeiner >reputation, and the creative agency for brand charisma, identum. With a team 25 people, both agencies work closely together with brands from the sport sector, companies, institutions, and start-ups. These are located throughout Europe and are especially found in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.



Since more than 1000 units have already been sold via the wholesale dealer, Spartan, (co-operation partner of Sport Thieme and Kuebler Sport in Germany, as well as of amazon), preparations are currently underway for the expansion of the distribution network to additional distributors.

In April 2017, FitW will be taking part in the FIBO international trade fair for fitness, wellness and leisure in Cologne, where it is hoped to acquire further targeted sales partners for the whole of Europe.


Product Development

The target for 2017 is to further develop the FitW both in terms of design and visual and communicative presence. In undertaking this, FitW will make use of the versatility of the product and will tailor communications to the respective target groups. In addition, appropriate communication channels will be identified and extended to, for example, e-mail marketing, direct sales, further social media platforms (currently Facebook), telephone sales etc.

A new model of the FitW, the Model 2.0, is presently under development, which will be especially designed for the requirements of physiotherapy practices, rehabilitation clinics and hospitals.

Further variants of the FitW in the planning stage:

  • Chair Edition
  • Children’s Edition (different sizes)

The accumulated capital is to be invested in the following areas:

  • Marketing
  • Product development (Model expansion)
  • Personnel costs
  • Pre-financing of material and production costs


Use as per investment levels

Investment Level 1: EUR 100,000

  • Marketing and PR
  • Online marketing and social media communications
  • Product development of Model 2.0
  • Production of the second batch


Investment Level 2: EUR 150,000

  • Points from Level I and the recruitment of a sales employee


Investment Level 3: EUR 200,000

  •  Points from Level I –II and the development of further models (Children, Chair)


Breakdown by business area

 Marketing and PR: EUR 40,000

  • Campaign planning
  • Positioning, branding
  • PR and publicity exercises
  • Online marketing and social media communications


Product Development: EUR 20,000

  • Expansion of the product range to include further models


Personnel costs: EUR 20,000

  • Sales employee: The target for 2017 is to acquire as many wholesalers for distribution as possible, and to distribute the FitW directly in the health sector (physical therapy, rehabilitation).


Production: EUR 10,000

  • Pre-financing of materials
  • Production costs

FitW - Multiplicators

During our campaign, we would be delighted for you step up as Companists to help our company grow by investing in our product and spreading the word! If you already have a FitW or are ensuring yourself one as a bonus, then speak or write about your experiences and get other people just as excited about it.

Should any among you be specialist retailers or if you think that your company needs the FitW, then we look forward to hearing from you at

RG Handels GmbH
Donaustrasse 62
3671 Marbach – Austria

Phone: +43 664/3721888


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