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Foodist 3 | Overview

Each month, Foodist sends its over 14,000 subscribers an exclusive selection of international delicacies. The market leader in food box subscriptions, Foodist generated €1,438,157 in revenues in the first quarter of 2015.


According to a study by German information and telecommunication association BITKOM, as many as 15 million Germans shopped for groceries online in 2014. This corresponds to 28 percent of Internet users in Germany and to a threefold increase since 2011.

Our company's growth reflects this very development: Demand for our main product, the Foodist Box that contains 6-8 high-quality delicacies and costs €24 per month, is constantly increasing. 


Foodist Gourmet Box


Development since Our First and Second Crowdfunding Campaign in May 2013 and March 2014

Some Companists are already familiar with Foodist because we launched two previous funding campaigns on Companisto in May 2013 and March 2014.As these campaigns provided us with investments of €175,000 and €295,200 respectively, we experienced rapid growth in the last 2 years.


When we launched our first crowdfunding campaign, we had 350 Foodist Box subscribers and monthly revenues of €9,600. When we launched our second campaign, we counted 1,600 monthly subscribers and €45,000 in monthly revenues.

Today, we have as many as 14,000 monthly subscribers and are generating a total of €450,000 in net revenues each month.


Comparison with Subscribers and Revenues at the Launch of the Previous Crowdfunding Campaign


With revenues of €1,438,157 in the first quarter of 2015, we have almost reached our annual revenues of 2014 and increased EBIT by €68,117. In 2015, we plan to increase revenues by over 400 % compared to last year. In other words, we plan to surpass our projection from the last crowdfunding campaign by almost 30 %.


Comparison of Projected Figures and Actual Figures and Adjustment of Projection


In spite of a higher number of subscribers, the average subscription period has increased from 10 months to 11.09 months. As we continuously evaluate the 2,000 feedback questionnaires we get every month, we can constantly improve our service and increase the average subscription period. We are also increasingly adapting the box to customer demand.

Moreover, we have managed to improve our contribution margin (the difference between revenues and variable costs). Whereas customer acquisition costs used to be approximately €12 and our profit per subscriber used to be €53 in 2014, these figures changed to €11.09 (customer acquisition costs) and €78.64 (profit per subscriber) in 2015.


Positive Development of Contribution Margin


If we deduct the costs of products, shipping, packaging, handling, and taxes, a contribution margin of approx. €8 remains, which is an increase of €1.50 per box and month compared to 2014. Revenues and the contribution margin per subscriber further increase when customers reorder individual products from the Foodist Box or purchase special boxes such as the Ladies Box, Gentlemen Box, or snack boxes.


Customer Lifetime Value Significantly Exceeds Customer Acquisition Costs

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