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fotovio | Overview

fotovio makes gifts more personal and advertising more emotional. The start-up is already active in 6 countries and has international B2B reference customers such as Deutsche Post, Müller, or Tesco.

Give Emotions as a Gift Using fotovio


Everybody loves receiving gifts. Regardless of their age, people still like gifts that they can hold in their hands best. The joy is even greater if there is another surprise in store for the recipient: a personal video message.

How this works? By means of the fotovio QR code products. QR is short for quick response: If a bar code is scanned by means of a smartphone and a bar code app, the contents encoded in this code are called up. The concept is simple: An individual QR code is linked to a video that may be accessed online.


Fotovio QR Codes Are Linked to Videos or Photos

The special thing about this is that fotovio creates QR codes in various designs that can be put on greeting cards, advertising materials, or gifts very easily.

International Customers: fotovio Already Sells Its Product in 6 Countries


The possibilities are almost unlimited. Large international companies, such as Deutsche Post (German postal service), Müller (a German drugstore), or Tesco (the world’s third largest retail chain), have already noticed this and are using our service. The business concept of fotovio is based on a strong B2B orientation focused on large companies in addition to the direct sale to consumers (B2C).

After introducing the memory stickers in October 2013, fotovio has shipped them to more than 400 stationary branches. Fotovio is already present in 6 countries with its products, namely Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, Canada, and Brazil.

In November 2013 alone, fotovio was able to generate sales of EUR 27,000 by means of the memory stickers and thus to generate a contribution margin (profit after deducting the costs) of more than EUR 19,000.


Renowned Business Angels Have Invested EUR 100,000.00 in fotovio



Our international concept and the fotovio technology have also convinced renowned business angels, who invested a total amount of EUR 100,000.00 in 2013. In addition to their financial commitment, our business angels also support us in regard to strategic and operative issues.


Complex Technology, Simple Implementation


As a technology start-up, we have developed an own app for iOS and Android by means of which videos may be uploaded to our servers rapidly and easily. This app makes it very easy to deposit a QR code video. The fotovio app is available in 4 languages and may be downloaded for free.

Scanning the QR codes and playing the videos is of course possible by means of every conventional program. Consequently, recipients of gifts do not have to download any special fotovio software to play their video.

The most important aspect of all fotovio products is the unique QR code on the product. This code may conveniently be stuck (memory sticker) or printed (e.g., video greeting card or video stamp) on to items or integrated into print advertisements in a conventional manner. Corporate customers may also purchase and use fotovio QR codes in a solely digital fashion.


Sample Applications


If the code is scanned by means of a smartphone, users are redirected to a personalized website where they may watch their video message. The digital content, however, may still be edited at any time, so users may implement digital Advent calendars using a fotovio QR code for instance.


Made in Germany, Successful on an International Scale


Be Loving on a Personal Level and Unstoppable in Business


Gifts are not only well-established as a nice gesture among private individuals, but also used by companies as a marketing tool and method of ensuring customer loyalty. 

Therefore, our business concept is divided into two areas:


Advertising Materials (B2B) and Gifts (B2C)


Advertising Materials


The advertising market is a multi-billion market, and fotovio is right in the middle of it.

The possibility of combining eye-catching advertising materials with personal messages is a technical innovation within an enormous market. Companies are constantly searching for new ways to market their products.

For example, the confectionery manufacturer Ferrero may use our memory stickers as a retail marketing tool. For this purpose, a fotovio memory sticker is put into each Ferrero box. Thus, the customers of Ferrero may be pleased about a free fotovio memory sticker. For business customers like Ferrero, the packaging and design of the memory sticker are adapted to the corporate design of the company. In this case, for instance, the fotovio QR code would be designed to resemble kissing lips in order to match the corporate identity of the company.

Close Friends Deserve a fotovio Kiss Including a Personal Video Message


Recipients of gifts receive a brief advertising message of the company when they watch the personal video, which adds an emotional aspect to the brand. The integration of social media and links to mobile online shops are also possible. With regard to the B2B line of business, fotovio particularly benefits from advertising revenues in addition to revenues from selling the QR codes. Companies may add advertising banners or pre-roll videos to their own memory stickers. In such cases, fotovio receives 3 to 7 cents per view. The pricing model is explained in detail in the chapter on the business concept.

Gifts with Personal Video Messages


The gift market is extremely large and may be divided into countless submarkets. The smart thing about our product is that it may be easily attached to anything from postcards and wedding invitations to gift cards and almost any other gift. Moreover, it always includes the surprise effect.

When the memory sticker has been applied to the gift, it may be scanned using the free fotovio app. Then, an own video may be recorded by means of a smartphone and uploaded afterwards to complete the personal gift. The recipient of the gift may access the personal message anytime and anywhere by scanning the sticker using any QR code app. Users can also watch the video without a smartphone, for each memory sticker contains an individual fotovio URL. This URL may easily be accessed on a PC.


Memory Sticker Product Video

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