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FREYGEIST | Overview

FREYGEIST combines the technology of a modern e-bike with the design of a conventional racing bike.
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FREYGEIST has reinvented the e-bike. The company's modern e-bike technology that looks like a conventional bike provides bikers with excellent handling. In other words, this reimagined e-bike weighs only 12 kg, but its light weight does not have any negative impact on its battery capacity, power, or transmission system! Our target group consists of "urban professionals," a group of over 1 million potential customers worldwide. Thus, FREYGEIST focuses on a rapidly growing market.

Urban Mobility Is Changing


The Sporty and Lightweight FREYGEIST E-Bike

Commuters and bike enthusiasts are frantically searching for alternatives to cars and public transportation. Daily traffic jams, a lack of parking spaces, traffic prohibitions, and constant delays in public transportation are nerve-racking and frustrating. As nobody wants to arrive at the office soaked with sweat, conventional bikes are often no real alternative.

The affluent group of "urban professionals" aged between 25 and 45 is particularly interested in independent mobility, but its demand is currently not met. The FREYGEIST e-bike targets precisely this market.


The FREYGEIST E-Bike Is the Perfect Solution

E-bikes are an excellent solution for urban mobility, for they are fast, flexible, and convenient to handle. Established e-bike manufacturers, however, have ignored this trend and are offering affluent and design-oriented e-bike purchasers mostly unattractive and hefty bikes instead of state-of-the-art solutions suitable for urban areas. 

A FREYGEIST bike, on the other hand, weighs as little as 12 kg, i.e., half as much as many other e-bikes. It has all the advantages of a conventional bike, for it is light and maneuverable and is not subject to any legal restraints, yet it has the power of a modern e-bike. Thus, it may easily be transported through hallways, on stairs, or in urban areas. We have developed the FREYGEIST design ourselves by combining minimalistic retro design with high tech in a unique fashion. In total, developing the bike took us approximately one year.


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Early Customer Demand and Great Confidence of Investors Confirm Our Vision

Even before the official market launch, we have received 30 verbal preorders for the first FREYGEIST series from friends and acquaintances. We possess a sales list consisting of roughly 30 retailers, the ten most promising of which we want to attract as our official dealers in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) over the next few months. Moreover, we have exclusive access to more than 100 potential salespeople in almost all major European cities that have already proven their sales competence in our target segment of premium urban lifestyle.


Smart Capital. We have attracted Martin Egger – an experienced investor and marketing and sales expert – as a partner of FREYGEIST. Martin Egger is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and shareholder in over 10 companies. Moreover, he is co-owner of the "lautstark communications" media agency (

lautstark consists of more than 100 permanent employees and freelancers and works for customers such as Daimler, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Orange, etc.; lautstark also promotes events and has already gained experience in e-bike marketing. Martin Egger and lautstark will constantly support FREYGEIST with their expertise.


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The E-Bike Market Is a Growth Market with Huge Potential

The e-bike market has been developing very positively over the past few years. According to a study by ZVI, the number of e-bikes sold increased threefold from 150,000 in 2009 to 450,000 in 2014 in spite of all economic crises, and this number is still on the rise. 

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