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grün versichert | Overview

grün versichert provides sustainable insurance in which the contributions of the insured are only directed towards social, ecological or ethical projects.

Insurance companies preside over an enormous amount of capital that comes from their customers’ insurance premiums. Often, however, this money isn’t invested transparently. grün versichert has set out to change this by offering sustainable property insurance options. By working together with selected insurers, “grün versichert” tariffs ensure that premiums are only invested into sustainable projects. With a target group of 19 million sustainable-oriented customers in German-speaking Europe, grün versichert plans on expanding into Austria and strengthening their team.

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Pitch Deck of grün versichert


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Key Investment Facts


Insurers, in particular life insurers, belong to the largest capital reservoirs in Germany. This means that a part of the insurance contributions and the financial surpluses generated by the companies are collected and used by the insurers in various capital investments. In the vast majority of cases, however, there is no transparency for the customer regarding where exactly the insurance contributions or parts thereof are invested. A critical viewing of the investment policy within the industry shows that insurers often also in engage in capital investments in which their customers would never invest for ethical, social or ecological reasons. This includes investments, for example, in armaments, exploitation, factory farming, and nuclear and fossil fuels.


Structure of Investments


Right from the start of his career in the insurance industry, Fabrice Gerdes wondered why there were no sustainable insurance policies for enlightened policy-holders, who wanted to be certain that their insurance contributions would be directed towards sustainable projects.

Like many other customers in Germany, he was looking for insurance policies where it could be guaranteed that the insurance contributions were not invested in unethical investments, for example, in connection with factory farming, animal testing or the arms industry.

Since he was unable to source any convincing solution, he decided to create one for himself and, in doing so, came to realize that German demand for sustainable insurance is growing. So, with 15 years of experience in the industry, he took the plunge and founded grün versichert.

Even zeb, one of the leading insurance advisors, believes in grün versichert’s potential and has made an investment in it.


High-Growth Market


With the crowd investing campaign, we want to make grün versichert more well-known and we plan to develop further markets, such as Austria and Switzerland. 

We made a conscious decision to engage in crowd investing because this will give a great many people the opportunity to participate in the development of grün versichert.

As an initial provider in the insurance market, grün versichert GmbH, in co-operation with selected insurance companies, offers a wide range of sustainable property insurance under the brand name "grün versichert” (‘green insured’).

In this, we not only offer the insurance policies directly but these are also available for sale to the entire broker market. This means that all the relevant comparison sites and over 20,000 insurance brokers in Germany can supply these policies.

Until now, no comprehensive and transparent offer existed for customers in terms of sustainable property insurance. At the beginning of 2016, we started to build up an offer as a licensor for insurance policies. Six different property insurance policies are now available as sustainable "grün versichert" policies.


Our insurance at a glance


This means that when customers take out a "grün versichert" policy, they can rest assured that their insurance contributions will be invested in sustainable investments and that no money will flow into unethical investments, but rather into companies that conserve resources and act in a socially-conscious manner.

To ensure this, we recommend to our insurance partners a selection of possible funds in which the insurer may invest the contributions or we check the insurers’ proposed investments and approve these, if necessary. These include, for example the the green bond from Berlin Hyp or the environmental fund from Murphy&Spitz.

The test is carried out on the basis of transparent positive and negative criteria.


Sustainable Investments


Partnership with WeForest

grün versichert GmbH has a multi-stage revenue model and, across the entire term of a contract, it participates in licence fees, profit associations (a share of the profits of generated by the insurer through its premiums) and, in the case of direct insurance via grün versichert, in the ongoing brokerage.


Business Model


So, in addition to the licence fee and the brokerage fee in the case of direct insurance, in principle we also benefit from the profit of the tariff lines via the profit association, just as an insurer does but without having to bear the risk.


Revenue Examples

As a provider of insurance, grün versichert differs from the competition in the following areas.

With zeb as an investor, we have one of the leading strategy and management advisors in the European financial services sector as a partner at our side. We have a broad network of highly qualified experts at our disposal in the areas of strategy, regulation, digitisation and sales.

Due to the increasingly successful positioning of the "grün versichert" brand, it has been possible to acquire insurers for sustainable insurance solutions who, together with grün versichert, have jointly developed sustainable policies: Contributions are guaranteed only to be directed towards sustainable investments and never into unethical investments. In addition to this, sustainability-oriented customers also receive interesting additional services in the event of a claim, such as when purchasing energy-efficient household appliances, in the case of household insurance.

As a result of awards and certifications. the name and logo of grün versichert GmbH has become the brand for sustainable insurance solutions. No other company in the industry boasts such a wide range of important awards and certifications in the area of sustainability.

Eco advisory board
We also have an independent eco advisory board which advises and supervises grün versichert GmbH in all essential issues facing the company in terms of its ecological, sustainable and social orientation. Our Eco advisory board includes

  • Caroline Zastiral: Civil protection advisor at the British Red Cross in London
  • Konstantinos Tsilimekis: Head of the science department of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation
  • Stefan Dissel: Managing director of the German Institute for Sustainability & Economics


Certification and awards


Advice on sustainable development comes from the Sustainability Council of the German Federal Government and every year they come up with up to 100 ideas and projects to make our society more sustainable.


Prof. Dr. Bachmann

grün versichert offers its rates both directly and via a wide network of insurance brokers and price comparison sites. This allows customers to take out a "grün versichert“" insurance policy via various channels. We are also currently working on the development of a further sales channel – collaboration with sustainability-oriented banks.


Sales channel


The insurance products from grün versichert are based on close partnerships with selected insurance companies who hope to address their customers’ growing demand for sustainable insurance policies. Together with these, grün versichert GmbH is designing sustainable product lines. In this, we are pleased to have the multiple award-winning and highly valued insurer, NV-Versicherungen VVaG at our side. NV-Versicherungen VVaG was founded in 1818 and, as an insurance association, it has no shareholders or owners with expectations in terms of returns; it only has obligations vis-a-vis the insured person, their members.


Arend Arends


Itzehoer Versicherungen was founded in 1906 and, like NV-Versicherungen VVaG, it also only has obligations to its members. The insurer enjoys an excellent reputation among insurance brokers.


Frank Thomsen


vs vergleichen-und-sparen GmbH is one of the largest comparison sites in the market and was one of the pioneers in the offering of “grün versichert" policies. Green policies even have their own area there now.


Ralf Becker

Our target group consists of customers, with a sense of social responsibility and sustainability with an above average level of income and a high level of education.

Three groups of customers can be identified as being particularly well suited to our offer.


Target groups


Target market

Investment Stage I from 100,000 Euro

Search engine marketing, market entry in Austria and increased staffing

We plan to significantly expand our marketing activities via social networks and to enter the Austrian market in Q4/2017. This market entry is to be accompanied by editorial contributions in broker publications. We also plan to expand the team by two members of staff in customer service and sales.


Investment Stage II from 400,000 Euro

Broad-based marketing campaign and expansion of the team

In addition to the measures described for Investment Level I, reaching the 400,000 Euro threshold will see Media Ventures GmbH taking a 15% share in grün versichert with a cash and a media package amounting to a total of EUR 3 million, assuming the ongoing due diligence review is concluded positively.

With this media budget, grün versichert will be promoted more intensely on a nationwide basis and via various online and offline channels. These will include e-mail marketing and targeted ambient advertising, including increased participation in trade fairs.

The team will also be expanded in the area of sales for broker support. A broker manager will then deal exclusively with the telephone and personal support of insurance brokers.

At the end of 2015, the management consultancy zeb took a 20% share in grün versichert GmbH. The zeb group of companies is one of the leading strategy and management consultancies for the financial services sector in Europe. Internationally, it has nearly 1,000 employees at 17 locations and offers tailor-made and flexible consulting expertise across the entire value chain of financial service providers


Strong Partner


Its clients include national banks, private banks, savings banks, cooperative banks and insurance companies. Within the industry rankings, zeb has been repeatedly classified as the “best advisor”.

Customers and Multipliers

Companists can of course support us by switching to "grün versichert" policies. We would also be happy if you could tell your families, friends and insurance brokers about grün versichert and thereby help to increase awareness of us.



Should any of the companists be insurance brokers, we would appreciate if, in the future, you would talk to your clients about sustainable insurance. A large number of customers are unfortunately not yet aware that sustainable solutions exist.


Social Media

We regularly publish updates and news about grün versichert on Facebook and Twitter. Every “like”, shared content and positive comment is very much appreciated.



We are always happy to make direct contact with journalists and editors to make grün versichert even more well-known. Please get in contact at

grün versichert GmbH
Kolberger Weg 1
59067 Hamm

Phone: 02381 3389794

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