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HACCP24 | Overview

Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork - HACCP24 provides you with a digital quality management system that allows you to easily perform and document food safety checks in a hotel, catering company or retail outlet.

Hygiene controls are mandatory by law for all companies throughout the EU that handle food. The first digital system for the HACCP24 regulations radically simplifies all the documentation and analysis of data when carrying out controls. It also helps to protect enterprises and employees from the severe consequences of violating any of these regulations. The software has already been successfully tested in well-known hotels, restaurant chains, and food retailers. This means that food is always under your control, from the beginning of the production stage, while it’s in storage, right through to when the consumers purchase it.

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Product recalls, factory closures, hygiene scandals… every fourth restaurant fails the hygiene test. How can food retailers, caterers, bakeries or nursing homes better protect themselves against the serious consequences of having less than satisfactory hygiene?

Only with regular hygienic controls can food safety be guaranteed. This is why such checks are compulsory throughout the EU for all companies that work with food - whether hotels, fast food joints or restaurants.

In order to simplify the hygiene controls and their corresponding documentation, we have developed HACCP24, an intuitive, customer-oriented software program. With our digital quality management system, the daily controls can be implemented quickly and easily, from cold chain to the food’s presentation/display.

Every restaurateur, food retailer, butcher or baker, every hospital, school, and daycare center is faced with the challenge of complying with the HACCP guidelines. They must go along with the HACCP(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) approach, critical control points, and inspection intervals to ensure that the food is safe. A typical control would be, for example, checking on refrigeration temperatures or cleaning the worktops in a kitchen.




Documenting such things, among others, has been done almost exclusively paper, believe it or not. This, of course, has the disadvantage of being very time-consuming. The lists are often not filled in properly by the staff and there is no possibility of a thorough evaluation or any traceability. In addition, a mountain of paperwork is created that needs to be stored for up to 10 years for security in the case of audits or governmental controls. For example: Each branch of each hotel chain fills up one ring binder with documentation per month. You can see the issue here.

Another big risk: Anything that is not documented is not considered in the eyes of the law as if it had never been done in the first place! Hygienic controls are often carried out by the authorities unannounced and punished severely with increasing frequency. A hygiene check that doesn't go well can have serious consequences for a company - ranging from fines to the loss of the company’s reputation to closure of operations.

With our HACCP24 software, everyone from the corner baker to a large 5-star hotel can meet the legal requirements more efficiently and effectively than before. This saves time and money, increases the quality, and minimizes the risk of ruining the company's reputation due to poor hygiene standards, or even a threat of closure.

With around 600 customer contacts across a wide range of industries, extensive cooperation agreements, and ongoing tests for large customers, we have been able to lay down the foundations for sustainable growth. Our intuitive, easy-to-use software has already been successfully implemented in bakeries, in hotels such as the 5-star premium hotel "Pulmann Berlin Schweizer Hof", in food retailers, and in the catering industry.

By the end of the year, our goal is to make further gains on our leadership position in the German market, to initiate the expansion abroad, as well as becoming profitable. To achieve this aim, we offer you, as a Companist, the opportunity to participate in our company. Despite the extremely promising customer pipeline and the positive sales forecast, we are striving to broaden our technical lead and grow at a faster pace through targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

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