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Jaimie Jacobs | Overview

Jaimie Jacobs enables people to design their own shoes with only a few clicks of the mouse. Using the 3D configurator we developed, our customers may very easily design leather shoes online. Each of the shoes we produce is unique and handmade by our master shoemakers.

The world of consumer products is constantly changing. Consumers no longer want to buy only off-the-rack products. Instead, consumers are looking for products they may adapt to suit their individual needs. According to a 2013 study by Bain & Company, 25 % to 30 % of online shoppers surveyed would like to customize products, i.e., there is demand for customizable products worth several billions (Source: Bain & Company, "Making it personal: Rules for success in product customization").

Several companies have already proven that this promising business model works. MyMüsli, bespoke Levi's Jeans, Spreadshirt, and Nike are already offering their customers tailored products. For instance, Nike generated revenue of USD 324m in 2013 through its customizable NikeID sports shoes, which corresponds to approx. 60 % of total revenue of the Nike online store.

The market for leather shoes has a volume of EUR 39bn in Europe alone (source: CBI, Euromonitor, expert analysis). Nonetheless, there is currently no major company that offers customizable leather shoes. Jaimie Jacobs is very well prepared to occupy this market niche. Our co-founder Claudia Kieserling has been very successful in selling customizable shoes offline for roughly 20 years. Jaimie Jacobs was founded to introduce this successful business model to the internet and to scale it up. Since the soft launch of the Jaimie Jacobs online shop in January 2014, we have already generated EUR 52,100 in revenue while spending almost nothing on marketing. Moreover, we agreed with AboutYou, the new shopping website by Otto group, on a sales partnership. 

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