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Kyl | Overview

After 5 years of development and by means of our unique production process and our own Kyl technology, we proudly present the probably biggest step in the evolution of ice cream: molecular ice cream. The new ice cream is a combination of unprecedented quality, recipes, precision, and texture.

Kyl (which is pronounced "kühl," the German word for "cool;" is the first ice cream factory worldwide that is able produce a completely new kind of ice cream with an unprecedented shape and texture thanks to the Kyl technology: molecular ice cream.

Kyl looks different; Kyl tastes different; Kyl is different! 


The Product Is the Hero: Kyl21 Advertisements


Kyl is the biggest step in the evolution of ice cream since its invention in ancient China. Unlike classic ice cream, Kyl molecular ice cream can be made without the usual primary ingredients, such as milk, cream, eggs, sugar, emulsifiers, stabilizers, and air.

Molecular ice cream is a completely new kind of ice cream that is flash-frozen using a Kyl technology based on liquid nitrogen. In this way, the water inside the cells does not expand and form solid crystals inside the ice cream, which have to be balanced by adding much sugar, fat, and air in the case of conventional ice cream.

Thus, we no longer have to pay attention to consistency, i.e., a constant ratio of sugar, fat, and air, but can focus on the recipes and are not limited in our work. Now, it is possible to use much better, healthier, and more interesting recipes. Our possibilities are almost unlimited and are based exclusively on fresh ingredients (100 % yogurt with mango puree, rosemary, coconut milk, Madagascar vanilla, coconut blossom syrup...).

Because of our long experience in avant-garde molecular cuisine, we have managed to use ultra-fine and completely new textures that enable us to use various shapes that have never been used before (see Kyl21 picture below).

 Kyl21 Advertisements at Moscow Airport


In our in-house food lab, The Science Kitchen, we have already been able to develop great and completely different ice cream products and brands suitable for a global market that we will gradually put on the market. The Kyl products address different target groups:


  • Due to the avant-garde shape of the ice pops and the extraordinary recipes, Kyl21 is the new ice cream for adults: It offers everything from organic and vegan (lactose-free) products to real cocktails (from EUR 2.40 to EUR 3.80).
  • Clowni is our happy-making organic ice cream specifically for kids (prices start at EUR 1.80). By means of Clowni, Kyl supports social products for children in need. The recipes are perfectly suitable for children and contain only tooth-friendly and good sugar.
  • Moreover, we have developed several other molecular ice cream products that we will gradually put on the market.


Kyl21, Clowni, and Kyl72


The production and development of molecular ice cream is very complex and has only been possible to us because a food scientist, a nitrogen plant engineer, a three-star chef, and a product designer collaborated. Together, we managed to make the quality and high art of avant-garde cuisine available even on the street. Thus, after almost 5 years of pioneering work, we are now laying the foundations for an ice-cream product that has the potential of conquering freezers around the globe.

Thanks to Kyl, ice cream is finally becoming healthy, better, and more beautiful! The global future of this kind of ice cream lies in the combination of our ultra-fine textures, the fantastic recipes, the new production method, and the related Kyl technology. Even real alcoholic cocktails can be turned into an entirely new ice cream experience using this method – something that cannot be done in conventional ice cream production due to the too low freezing point. Thus, Kyl produces the first ice pop that enables adults to enjoy their favorite cocktail in a bar, in a club, or at home. 


One of a Kind: Real, i.e., Alcoholic Cocktails as an Ice Pop Kyl21


Of course, we prefer to use organic ingredients and, whenever available, real FAIRTRADE products (e.g., our chocolate made by Original Beans) in all of our creations.

In order to also meet the very important demand for vegan and lactose-free ice cream, we have worked on new vegan and lactose-free recipes and textures for over a year, which are really nutritious and finally also taste fantastic! As a result, Kyl has also become possible for vegans and lactose-intolerant people.


Ice Cream Has Never Been Better: Vegan Molecular Ice Cream


How Does Our Kyl Technology Work?

Generally speaking, the faster ice cream can be frozen, the better it becomes. In terms of production, this means: the colder the better!

While conventional production methods use temperatures of roughly -30 °C, our special Kyl technology uses liquid nitrogen and thus reaches temperatures around -196 °C.

Only on the moon would it be possible to flash-freeze ice cream faster! 


Working with Liquid Nitrogen in the In-house Food Lab


Since it is very complex to produce large amounts of molecular ice cream, BROSER GmbH ( became a shareholder in our company. BROSER is one of the leading German nitrogen plant engineering companies and, for example, carries out pipe freezing procedures in nuclear power plants around the globe. The competence of BROSER is also visible in the fact that it is listed as a contractor of the German nuclear power plant operators. When nitrogen is used in such safety-sensitive environments, absolute precision is a must.

Together with the BROSER engineers, we will develop the “Kylator” – the world’s first mass production system for molecular ice cream in the world – and the nitrogen interval shower for supporting conventional ice cream production among other things.


A Set of Kyl Molds for the Production of Kyl21

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