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Award-winning camera stabilizer solidLUUV is revolutionizing mobile filming.
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With LUUV, everyone can film like a pro. The revolutionary camera stabilizer solidLUUV, boasts innovative technology, has received numerous international awards, has been pre-ordered in more than 60 countries and is currently being prepared for its imminent market entry. solidLUUV is the foundation of our range of products that will permanently revolutionise the world of mobile filming.

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Videos are becoming increasingly important in everyday communication as well as in our media consumption. More than 400 hours of video footage are uploaded to YouTube every minute; sales figures for action cameras have skyrocketed in the last years, and smartphones have turned into the omnipresent camera of our generation. There are more than 46 million smartphone users in Germany alone. Last year, approximately 1.4 billion smartphones were sold worldwide. It doesn't matter whether you are on holiday, at work or just going about your daily business: Nowadays, every event, no matter how insignificant, is captured on film!

The result is exciting and unique video footage - dressed in shaky and unprofessional shots. There seems to be an enormous gap between the camera manufacturers' promotional videos and the videos shot by frustrated camera owners. LUUV products aim to close said gap.




solidLUUV, the camera stabilizer for shake-free filming in motion, is the foundation of our range of products. solidLUUV prevents transmission of the body's movements to the camera with the help of the patent pending technology and guarantees professional videos at all times. solidLUUV makes expensive and complicated film technology accessible so that everyone can film like a pro!

Two successful crowdfunding campaigns, pre-orders worth more than €360,000 and enthusiastic beta testers - solidLUUV serves an international market with a strong growth potential. So far, we have been able to generate pre-orders from more than 60 countries without implementing any significant marketing measures.




solidLUUV has generated enthusiastic international media coverage and appears in hundreds of media reports, as well as receiving numerous awards including:

  • the 'Product of the Year 2015/2016' award in the category 'Action' from the world's largest sports trade fair ISPO for the innovative features
  • the renowned 'Red Dot Award: Design Concept' for the functional design
  • the 'CES Innovation Award' from the world's largest trade fair for consumer electronics, which was also awarded to established camera manufacturers such as Ricoh or Canon




Snowboarders on the slopes, families on holiday, journalists in hotspots or real estate agents who want to show off their properties in the best light - the demand for shake-free videos is enormous, making the range of applications just as diverse as the target group. In order to satisfy all target groups, we attach great importance to creating a timeless product that is always ready to go and does not require any training.




One of the main advantages of solidLUUV is its modular setup - it can already be combined with an electronic stabilization component and is equipped to handle all future cameras and trends. The special setup makes solidLUUV the world's only stabilizer for 360° and virtual reality cameras.




Our focus is on superior quality, which is why we have chosen Germany as our production site. The solidLUUV development phase has been completed, serial production is about to take off, the international market launch is scheduled for the second quarter of 2016 - the filming revolution starts right now!



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