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The MODINICE M1 PC combines the practical demands of millions of office PC users with sophisticated design.
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The MODINICE M1, a computer, combines the best of Apple's design philosophy with the practical requirements of millions of office workers because it has an attractive and ergonomic design, may easily be upgraded, can be used with one or two monitors of the user's choice, is Windows-based, and is available for only half the price of an Apple iMac. Through this device, MODINICE is revolutionizing the multi-billion market for office computers.



Computers have radically changed the world of work, and there is hardly an office without a computer nowadays. Even though digitization progresses continuously, innovation has been rare within the market for office computers over the last 25 years. If one compares the design and hardware of an office computer 25 years ago with those of today's systems, there are some striking similarities.




This monotony is one of the reasons why Apple's design concepts are so popular. The Apple iMac in particular is a product that takes aesthetics to a new level because the actual computer is invisible and integrated into the monitor, and this device also improves ergonomics and operational safety, for instance by reducing the number of tangled cables in the workplace.

Therefore, based solely on emotional reasons, many decision-makers would like to use Apple systems throughout their offices, but this is difficult or even impossible for three major reasons:


i. In Businesses, the Share of Windows Users Is Approximately 90 %.

Despite a perceived lack of "coolness," Microsoft Windows is an integral part of everyday business, and over 90 % of office systems are running Windows.1 In many cases, a change of the operating system is not an option because important office software (e.g., many SAP solutions or leading accounting system DATEV) require Windows, which makes the use of this software very difficult on Mac systems.




ii. Upgradability Is a Major Aspect in the Decision to Purchase a Business Computer

For businesses, upgradability is a particularly important aspect in the purchase of office computers. Office computers are meant to last for five years, for instance to benefit from tax advantages. Such periods are hard to achieve in practice without upgrading the computer (e.g., its CPU and hard drive) at least once and without losing productivity. Apple systems are notoriously difficult to upgrade.


"Hard to repair and upgrade. Rating: 1 out of 10 possible points" Mac&i on the upgradability of the iMac 4k (10/2015)


"Upgrade Impossible: Apple Solders RAM in New iMac" on the new iMac for beginners (06/2014)


"Useless 4k? Small Apple iMac difficult to repair and upgrade" on the 21.5" Retina 4k iMac (10/2015)


iii. The Price

Both the price and the maintenance cost of Apple systems are higher than those of Windows systems. For instance, a MODINICE system with similar hardware (CPU performance, hard drive capacity, etc.) is available for roughly half the price of an Apple system. Because of the large number of service providers (system administrators, system houses, etc.) for Windows, the cost of maintenance is also lower on average.




The current price of an iMac 21.5" is €1,699 (for the version with a 21.5" 4K display, 8 GB of RAM, and a 1 TB hard drive). The MODINICE M1 with a similar performance costs €469. It may be combined, for instance, with a 23.6" 4K monitor for €379 (Acer K242HQ), which would lead to a total price of €848. Consequently, it is precisely half as expensive, but it has a larger monitor.



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