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Mopolis is the expert consultant when buying consumer electronics and about a digital lifestyle.
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Mopolis is the expert consultant when buying consumer electronics and about a digital lifestyle - guaranteed to be neutral and transparent. This way, Mopolis solves many people's problem of being overwhelmed and lacking orientation when making a purchase. With its honest and exciting content, Mopolis opens up attractive sales potentials in a double-digit billion market.

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Lack of technical knowledge and an almost infinite number of products overwhelm many people when buying electronic devices. Which products are the best on the market? What should one look out for when making a purchase? Genuine advice is often neglected in consumer electronics centers and ignorant consumers are regularly sold unwanted products or supposed special deals. Even online, many consumers are misled by dubious review sites, comparisons, and purchased items.

Mopolis fills this void as an expert consultant for the purchase of consumer electronics and concerning a digital lifestyle. Always having extensively researched and thoroughly tested the products, we always recommend the best consumer electronics products including laptops, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and smartphones.


Mopolis - Consumer Electronics


Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for Mopolis. We are neutral, transparent and consumer-oriented - this is what we promise with our Mopolis guarantee.

Our advantage: We generate income no matter which product we recommend. We do not receive any money from manufacturers for the selection of products and thus maintain our neutrality.

Our role models are the successful US portals Wirecutter and The Verge:

Wirecutter provides editorially curated content about the best products and generates revenue through commissions on referred sales. Wirecutter's success made it one of the largest Amazon partners in the U.S. and led to its sale to The New York Times for USD 30 million in 2016.

The Verge stands for premium editorial content on the digital lifestyle, characterized by creativity and expertise. The Verge is successful not only because of its more than 60 million monthly visits (September 2018) but above all because of the effective marketing of this valuable advertising platform.

Our business model combines these two approaches of commissions and advertising. Our own technology compares the prices of the products and presents our users with the cheapest offer from our partner shops. We receive a commission for the forwarding to the partner shop or purchases made there.

Our credible content is relevant and has high interaction rates with the users. This makes Mopolis a valuable platform for advertisers and their brands. Flashy advertising banners are not in demand on the market, but rather high-end and customized advertising integration.

Our team is excellently positioned to fulfill our vision. Founder and CEO Daniel Grabow has 15 years of experience with consumer electronics related online content as founder and CEO of Our editors were active at various publications such as GIGA, T-Online or ComputerBase for years, gathering a wealth of experience and acquiring expertise in various product categories, as well as technical skills in the areas of affiliate and direct marketing, conversion optimization, search engine optimization, and data-driven marketing.

The e-commerce market for consumer electronics in Germany is growing from EUR 12.2 billion (in 2017) to EUR 13.8 billion (by 2020). Online advertising is in the process of replacing TV advertising as the largest advertising segment and generated worldwide sales of just under USD 250 billion in 2018. In Germany, digital advertising expenditure in 2018 amounted to EUR 9.9 billion.

Our shareholders Anja Rath and Nikolas Samios of the COOPERATIVA Venture Group have already accompanied many successful company sales to publishing houses as experienced M&A consultants and investors. They validated their investment case in discussions with M&A decision-makers of large media corporations: Mopolis fills a gap in the market precisely, has great growth potential, and is a promising takeover candidate.

With the support of the Companists, we want to become the first point of contact for expert advice on consumer electronics and fully exploit our growth potential.

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