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Mornin' Glory | Overview

Mornin' Glory delivers razor blades and grooming products to > 40,000 customers‘ mailboxes – also as a subscription.
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With 40,000 male customers, Mornin’ Glory offers fairly priced razor blades and other men grooming products via a subscription and as such it eliminates uninspiring trips to the supermarket and solves the problem of constantly forgetting to buy fresh supplies. With the help of the crowd, Mornin’ Glory wants to develop new exciting male products to cover the entire morning bathroom routine and to expand their business into more European countries.

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Traditionally men have been buying shaving supplies and grooming products in drugstores and supermarkets. And we all have personally experienced being in the men section in the drugstore to realize our favorite product is sold out or having to endlessly look for a shop assistant to open the security case where razor blades are locked away (seriously!). Or the fact that you keep forgetting to buy fresh blades on your way home from work and consequently have to shave with a stale old blade for many days. This is not fun!


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Think about your daily grooming routine - shave, take a shower, brush your teeth and look after your skin and hair. Everything you do to prepare yourself for the day ahead of you. For every action you need one or several products. And as you use them every day, they must be of good quality, fairly priced and do their job without you having to worry about. A range of functional products purchased routinely and with no or little emotional involvement.

At Mornin’ Glory we believe that the essential grooming products should come to you rather than you having to go to them. Quite simple: you order online, decide when you want them and we send them to your home.

Fabio, a seasoned banker and Ulli, an ex-consultant, both shaving and grooming, but tired of spending lots of money for overpriced blades, fed up with going to supermarkets and bored by big corporations advertising, decided to launch Mornin’ Glory, a fresh and new online brand. Mornin’ Glory allows you to reclaim the saved time for yourself and turn what was before a chore, into a pleasurable experience where time is spent on what matters the most: you.


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At its launch at the end of 2012, the Mornin’ Glory e-shop offered a subscription for good quality razors at fair prices. In 2014 it introduced an exclusive line of natural grooming products made in Italy. Now customers can receive from a single source everything needed for that perfect shave, thereby ensuring they are always well groomed.
But for Mornin’ Glory, shaving is just the entry foot to men bathroom, where our shaving subscription takes away the burden of basic products that need regular replacement. We are now about to expand our successful concept with the introduction of additional man grooming and beauty categories, which will also contribute to making men life easier. Think about the products used by every man during his morning grooming routine …..

In parallel to our wider product portfolio strategy, there exists the opportunity to roll out our concept and products across other European countries. This will be in addition to our existing German-speaking markets, which we will continue to develop.


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