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This investment carries considerable risks and may lead to a loss of the entire assets invested. Projected returns cannot be guaranteed and may be lower than expected.

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“I decide” - myEnso is the first online supermarket where the customer co-determines the product range and services offered.
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A huge market is emerging and myEnso is preparing for a future market position among the top online supermarkets in Germany. Founded in late 2016, myEnso's goal is to develop Germany's leading online supermarket together with its customers. According to the principle "The customer decides," customers help determine which products are included in the product range and which services myEnso offers. The myEnso range already consists of over 24,000 products. Its online offering is thus larger than that of Amazon Fresh and REWE.

myEnso - Key Investment Facts


myEnso is the first online supermarket in which the customer participates in determining the product range. By consistently implementing customer wishes, myEnso decisively changes the market and creates the best possible assortment and shopping experience.

The largest of all single markets - Fast Moving Consumer Goods - which comprises all products of daily life (full range of supermarkets), is larger than all other retail markets combined and is now embarking upon digitalization.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) forecasts that FMCG eCommerce will account for 3.6% of the total German FMCG market by 2022. This corresponds to a market volume of EUR 10.8 billion in FMCG eCommerce.

In February 2018, the industry journal e-commerce Magazin reported on how myEnso wants to revolutionize the industry.

myEnso is developing faster than the competition, already delivers to 25 cities nationwide, and is already the market leader in terms of product range boasting around 24,000 products.

The reasons for this include the following:

  • myEnso serves the desire for maximum diversity (by the end of 2019: 100,000 products)
  • myEnso serves people's desire for co-determination and participation
  • Logistics in the central warehouse is 100% food oriented
  • The shopping experience in stationary grocery stores will be replicated at myEnso online - for example through the myEnso navigation wheel which provides surprising shopping inspirations
  • myEnso already serves the desire for reliability in delivery better than other suppliers

The unique and distinguishing feature, however, is the consistent focus on the individual. 12,000 people have already joined this idea and are constantly shaping myEnso through their wishes, suggestions, votes, and in the ongoing shop live test: the assortment, the functions, the shopping experience, the service, and the logistics.

All pioneers, as customers at myEnso are currently called, can already shop at myEnso.

The business model was developed in 2017; in 2018, myEnso created the systemic basis for the entire infrastructure comprising product range, IT and logistics, launched the shop, and tripled sales from EUR 340,000 to EUR 1.1 million. Scaling of the entire system is planned for 2019: A shop in which 100,000 products can be purchased for all the relevant needs of everyday life.

By building up our own warehouse and increasing the automation rate using innovative IT robotics, we will be able to supply around 100,000 customers by the end of 2019.

The founders and founding partners, such as the team neusta GmbH (Germany's largest eCommerce agency), have already invested EUR 2.65 million in myEnso's business development.

The financing round with the Companists will continue the consistent realization of myEnso's strategy and involve more people in the company's development.

The Companists' investments flow primarily into the development of mobile 24/7 supermarkets and regional logistics hubs. Their aim is to ensure a solution for the undersupply of small towns in rural areas and the inclusion of regional producers.

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The acquisition of this asset involves considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the assets used. The expected yield is not guaranteed and may turn out to be lower.
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